Our attention was drawn to an article on the back page of Daily Trust Newspapers of Friday, November13, 2009 titled Saving Buhari by one Shehu Mohammed Funtua whom checks revealed is a hired hand doing the bidding of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB).Though, there is nothing to worry about such write-ups especially now that political activities will pick up in earnest in preparation for the 2011 general elections. What is important though is for the likes of Funtua to be forthright in their presentations. For example, the claim that almost daily, Buhari is quoted by newspapers “saying that Nigeria is at the verge of collapse....” yet Funtua fails to mention any paper in particular. Is it also true that Buhari blames almost everyone for his electoral victory which the corrupt PDP machinery has twice rigged and thereby denying Nigerians the right to choose? I would have expected Funtua to research properly into issues of this magnitude before coming up with half truths just for the sake of giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

To start with, every responsible Nigerian is aware of the fact that the Central Establishment under the leadership of Malam Umaru Musa Yarádua has failed this nation; no two ways about it. Though for those whose stuck in trade is to engage in double speak, they see nothing wrong with the present setting hence whoever speaks against it is deem to be a sinner. You need no magicians to tell you that we in Nigeria of today under the Yarádua Presidency are living in a failed state created by the selfish and diabolical tendencies of Obasanjo and Babangida who boxed himself into a corner by hoisting Aremu Obasanjo on Nigerians since 1999 in spite of plea by none other than the eighteenth Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki against such a gamble.


The Muslim individual or leader is supposed to be an ideological being based on aqeedah or what we may call belief system and a concept of the universe, life and Man in a way that encompasses all aspects of life. Therefore, it is for these reasons that elements like Funtua feel that Buhari has contempt for politicians. Far from that; Buhari stands for truth, justice and compassion for the less endured in the society regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation and insist that things be done by the book. This is best demonstrated during his 20 months rule as a Military Head of State (84/85) the aim of it all is to free Nigerians from all forms of enslavement and establish justice among the people. Is this what Funtua calls contempt?


All ANPP Governors have tremendous respect for General Buhari and him for them but things started falling apart when Obasanjo penetrated them. Here, Buhari had cause to advise them to forget about any insinuation by anybody to decamp to the PDP. Rather he said, they (GOVERNORS) should try and create a fallback position for themselves within the ANPP because that is the best survival instincts they have to hang on to. As readers rightly know, the likes of former Governor Saminu Turaki who in spite of the poverty in Jigawa State gave Obasanjo a donation of #10 billion from the coffers of Jigawa state in support of Obasanjo’s third term bid just to avoid being intimidated by the Ribadu EFCC while Adamu Aliero of Kebbi state switched over to the PDP for fear of being hunted by the EFCC not out of ideological convictions. What respect do such people deserve even from the ordinary tax payer who does not know the details of such riff off by the Governors under the cover of defending the cause of the masses? This is the kind of thing Babangida will always support. Little wonder that for the eight years Engineer Abdulkadir Kure spent as Governor of Niger state, the salaries and other bills of Al-Amin International School owned by Mrs Maryam Babangida were being serviced by the state government. Haba! Must one be a saint to know that all this is wrong and unjustifiable?

Leaders you must know are role models. They must let their actions speak louder than their words because they have a responsibility to create and maintain the well being of the society/nation as the case may be. Likewise, if the leader’s speech contradicts his deeds, sooner or later he will lose the ability to influence his followers. Just like what is happening now in Nigeria and what did happen during the eight uneventful years of Babangida misadventure as the first Military ruler to christen himself President; whatever that means.


At no point in time did General Buhari lay claim to infallibility. He is very conscious of being a mortal and therefore fallible. As such the claim by Funtua of Buhari defining politics within rigid moral standards does not hold at all. At best, he is insisting that people must live by what they preach. This position has its roots from the Quran where Allah (SWT) said thus:

“Do you enjoin right conduct on people and forget

to practice it yourselves.... (Quran 2:44)

“Oh you who believe! Why say you that which you do not?

Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that you say

that which you do not. (Quran 61:2-3)

The model of this kind of leadership was illustrated during the Buhari/Idiagbon era when Nigerians were made to feel proud of being Nigerians. Discipline was restored in our national life and things picked up. Leaders must always be aware that they are role models. Their personality usually translates to the culture of the society or the people. This is the more reason why Buhari is always serious about things he says or does hence “the fear of Buhari”.


“General Buhari himself is known to be vindictive and that explains why he has a deep seated grudge against General Babangida for removing him from power” This statement by Funtua really brings to the fore the fact that he is just a hired hand doing the bidding of his paymaster. Else, he should have known that on the 27th August, 1985 when the coup that toppled General Buhari was about to take place he was placed on alert about the presence of the four majors sent to arrest him. He ordered that they be allowed to come in. In essence, there was no resistance because he regarded Babangida as his bosom friend and colleague and does not want blood bath else.......

It must also be understood that sometime in the past, Journalists asked if he has forgiven Babangida for toppling him from power. He said he has forgiven him but will not forget it. This is because while in detention his Mother was sick and sought to be escorted to see her even for a brief moment. Babangida and his men turned down the request and days later Hajiya died never for Buhari to see her alive or even have the rare opportunity to attend the funeral prayers. Who in his right senses will ever forget this? Funtua may attempt that in order not to be classified as vindictive.


This allegation as it were was sponsored by elements working for the Babangida project all out of the fear of a Buhari presidency in an attempt to give dog a bad name in order to hang it. Thank God Nigerians are not fools. They know who General Buhari is and what he represents and they very much know who General Babangida is and what he represents. In any case, Buhari is very much at home with Christians unlike what people are made to believe about him. As a Muslim, he is aware of the definitive texts of Islam in the Quran and Sunna which based the Christian/Muslim relationship on a strong foundation of tolerance, justice, mercy and kindness which mankind has never seen before. This is best attested to by the fact that for the period he ruled, there were no religious crises of any kind. In fact it was during his tenure that the KALA-KATO crises of the North –East axes were finally nailed. While the Babangida regime sought to use religion to undermine the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria. He it was who used religion to divide the people of this country hence the beginning of ethno-religious riots in all parts of the country. The table below will serve to indicate how Babangida set the people against their brothers/sisters after living peacefully for years:

· 1987 Kafanchan crisis

· 1992 Zangon Kataf crisis 1 & 2

· 1992 Kano crisis

· 1993 Tafawa-Balewa crisis

MAMSER under Professor Jerry Gana was specifically used to preach hate against Muslims particularly Hausa/Fulani by the Babangida led administration using divide and rule tactics all in his inordinate ambition of continuing in office indefinitely. What has that led us into? It has created disunity, mistrust amongst the people. To understand Buhari better, ask General Yakubu Gowon, General T. Y. Danjuma who was his superior officer or Professor Tam David West who had the rare privilege to serve as petroleum Minister in his cabinet. Better still, read the accounts of Obasanjo on Buhari in his book “NOT MY WILL”. The former President had this to say: - “Muhammadu Buhari as a member of the Supreme Military Council and as the head of the petroleum department took any work given to him very strongly and if he failed at whatever he did, it would not be because he did not put in his best. He was as reliable as he was hard working and honest. I still recall vividly how he came to me one day during our administration visibly perturbed, worried and generally displeased. He complained about someone who had come to him that he in all honesty expected Buhari to have at least five cents per barrel of oil produced in the country. The gentleman had calculated how much Buhari would have made per annum if he had allowed the five cents to stick to his fingers. The man told Buhari that he found it inconceivable and unbelievable that he Buhari was not doing it. And that it was true that he was not magnetizing five cents to himself; he would regard it as stupidity for if he were to be in Buhari’s shoes he would do just that”. Can anybody say this of Ibrahim Babangida? Where are the billions realised during the gulf war from the sale of crude? Funtua, Babangida and Co should realise that people in glass houses do not throw stones.

As things are today in this country, hardly we have any individual who has held public offices including being a former Head of State and yet is having only two houses of his own; one in Daura and one in Kaduna. No shares in Banks or Investment in Real Estate business. Hardly is there anyone within his generation that has as full a credential as that of General Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR) the Peoples President in waiting. INSHA-ALLAH.


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