One of my earlier memories of Nigerian football was the game against Argentina in the Japan/Korea World Cup, 8 years ago. I definitely respect Argentina as a great football team and a worthy opponent. However, I wonder why we are always drawn in the same group as they are. What are you thoughts on this issue?

Nigeria cannot call Argentina our archenemies because we are not on their level when it comes to football. La Albiceleste is currently ranked 7th while we are 21st in the latest FIFA Coca-Cola World Rankings.

One would think that our players and their advisors would have familiarised themselves with Argentina's tactics and trained themselves to counter their advances. However the opposite is the case as Argentina almost always uses our games to secure 3 more points.

The recent friendly matches; ours against Saudi Arabia and theirs against Canada, show that there are not going to be butterflies and rainbows on our horizon.

Our consolation is that we are the second best team in our group, and I write that with my fingers crossed. Any slight mistake on our part would see us bowing out of the competition at group stages. Needless to say, this will not bode well for the second highest ranked African team participating in the tournament.

I'm optimistic about the success of the Super Eagles in South Africa, but we must, and I write must, be prepared to break the curse of La Albiceleste!

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