After manufacturing products, the next step to making profits is making sure that they are available in the market to easily reach the intended end user. But before this, they have to leave the factory in an organized manner and this is where you experience the convenience of palletizing robots.

Palletizing robots are industrial robotic arms that arrange packed products and stack them on a pallet in preparation for shipping from the factory. They are like every other robotic arm but they contain an end of arm tool that enables them to pick different packages and arrange them in a pre-programed method.

There are different types of palletizing robots. Inline palletizers are used on the manufacturer’s conveyor belt and pick the already packed case or carton and stack them on a pallet. There is also the layer palletizing robot that stacks products on to the pallet in certain preset layers for maximum efficiency.  There is also a mixed case palletizer. This makes it possible for a single pallet to hold different types of products making it essential in distribution centers where sales orders are sorted. A freezer palletizer is the fourth type. This is a robotic arm that makes it possible for products to be well arranged in a cold room. This palletizing robot makes it convenient for work to be completed in conditions of adverse temperatures.

Benefits of using palletizing robots

Like all robots, palletizing robots are a cost cutting measure. They save both time and money. Being specialized for the task they are assigned, palletizing robots perform more work per hour than several employees could. This ensures that your palletizing process is fast and accurate thus ensuring that your products reach market in a timely manner.

They enhance health and safety standards in the workplace. These robots are built to handle heavy loads that would adversely affect human staff. Palletizing robots can easily lift single cases on the one hand and also lift loads as heavy as 1000kg at once. Additionally, these robots can stack and unstack pallet loads to very high heights.

Another benefit for using palletizing robots is that they save you space. Being a collaborative robot, pelletizers can be easily integrated on the same floor and table as humans. Unlike traditional robots which needed large room spaces to themselves, palletizers are programmed to be safe around human staff.

Ease of use is another benefit accrued from the use of robotic palletizers in a factory. All that they require are clear instructions programmed into them and they will carry out every task with precision. In addition, it can be easily reprogrammed to perform other tasks such as packaging and sorting products on the manufacturing conveyor belt.

Palletizing robots are highly efficient and are low maintenance machines. With advancements in manufacturing, these robots are designed to withstand adverse effects of heat and friction without suffering any wear and tear. This therefore saves valuable time that would be wasted when using machines that require regular servicing.

Versatility is another benefit accrued from using palletizing robots. As part of their design, palletizing robots can be reprogrammed for use with other machines in the factory.

How technology augments the convenience of palletizing robots

The application of technology in palletizing robots enhances their efficiency and versatility. Factories handling products of different sizes will need to sort their product in to batches of same size product before packaging, stacking on pallets and shipping them for sale. Palletizing robots can be used to ensure that these processes easily take place.

All this is made possible by adding a vision capacity to these robots and programming them so that their grippers can sense the size of the different products and to also monitor the products as they move along the manufacturer’s conveyor belt. They can then be reprogrammed to shrink pack the sorted products and then reprogramed to stack them to pallets ready for loading and shipping to market.

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