All great powers of the world has once had their challenges, from the Roman empire to the British empire from the Germans to the Americans now China. They all have had their struggles, though not same but after the dark tunnel comes the light.

Singapore is an emerging power even with her size but all this is possible because their problems were confronted.

I believe in change and I believe in you;

The renaissance is a group for people who want to effect change in Nigeria; not only by stating our problems and socio-economic pathology but stating possible solutions that can be carried out by you and I, with the mindset of rebirthing an image that will appeal to the world.

I personally believe that there is a little - that will bring much - which every one of us can do by affecting our circle of influence to steer up this coming change... in this group even Nigerians from Diaspora alike can project on the rebirth of our national image from outside...

We have had enough of analysis of our problems.

Now the question is how?
What do we do as individuals?

Come on board let's think...

I believe in the Nigerian renaissance.

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