The Cavaliers can not affect the overall situation

Warriors filled the Kevin - Durant, which makes their starting strength doubled, and the Cavaliers this season's signings appear more in the lineup, which is really where we habitually ignore!

Cavaliers alternate candidates, although they can not affect the overall situation as the Big Three, but they may also play a decisive role!

Delong - Williams

Three All-Star, he used to eat sleep to play Paul's chubby NBA Live Coins, and now became the old fat, although the skill down but the experience still!

There is no comparison there is no harm, the Warriors have any substitute point guard can compare Deron it? Sean - Livingston or Ian - Clark? Livingston is not a purely point guard, he can pass the ball, he can score, but count the organization team, which is indeed somewhat weak, and Ian - Clark played four years NBA, this season is his Assists most of the regular season, 1.2 times.

Although this time Deron in the playoffs highlight the moment is not much, but his ability to become the Cavaliers bench Jones, he can control the overall situation in the bench, which is the Warriors do not have the advantage!

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