By Bishop Michael O. Amamieye

History they say repeats itself. I like what Ecclesiastes 1:9-11, “History merely repeats itself. Nothing is truly new; it has all been done or said before. What can you point to that is new? How do you know it
didn't exist long ages ago? We don't remember what happened in those former
times, and in the future generations no one will remember what we have done back
The Living Bible. There is nothing new under the Sun. What you
see happening today in this nation has been coded in the Bible long

“I know that whatever God does, it endures forever; nothing can be added to it nor anything taken from it. And God does it so that men will [reverently] fear Him [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is].
That which is now already has been, and that which is to be already has been;
and God seeks that which has passed by [so that history repeats itself
Eccl 3:14-15. Amplified Version. What will happen as Nigeria turns
fifty this year and in this decade has been coded in the Bible.

I was looking at 2 Chronicles 21 to 23 recently, I was astounded to see the events and happenings in our great country Nigeria encoded in the pages of the Bible. As you read, I am sure that your eyes will open to
see what I saw.

THE NORTH SOUTH DIVIDE – 2 Chronicles 21:1-7. Since the formation of Nigeria, there has been the north and south divide. The British administered both north and south differently. The north has had a
structure that the colonial rulers had to work with. It was in the south that
they influenced greatly with education and western influence. At the birth of
the present Nigerian nation, the South has been richly endowed with great gifts
especially the black gold called oil which has been the main sustenance of this
nation thus making it the largest trading partner of the United States of
America in Africa. The North has been endowed with the privilege of ruling. The
kingship was given to the firstborn. Jehoshapat means Jehovah is Judge. He had six sons which represent the six geo-polltical zones. His
first son, Jehoram which means Jehovah-raised. It is God who sets up whoever He
wills to rule. “…the most high God ruled in the kingdom of men, and that
he appointeth over it whomsoever he will.”
Daniel 5:21.

The North was determined to rule by God. But like Jehoram, when they became strong, they killed every possible opposition. For this reason, God in His wisdom turned to the South. In His abundant mercy, God
will not allow this nation to be destroyed by the same events that have
destroyed several nations. God has a covenant bond with Nigeria because of the
strategic place He has placed this nation in His grand master plan.

THE REVOLTS – 2 Chronicles 21:8-11. The revolts of the sixties led to the expansion of this country giving unique identities to two major tribal nations: the Ibo and Ijaw nations. The word revolt is from a Hebrew
word which means to break away. It carries the idea of expansion. The Ibos were
the first tribal group to gain a significant identity which was recognized as a
state by a few nations like Haiti and Gabon. Although it was an unrecognized
state, a few nations like Israel, France and the Vatican City supported it.
Although the Ijaw nation has never seceded as Biafra did, yet, it revolted to
give expression to its unique identity as a people group that makes up a little
more than ten percent of the entire Nigerian population. That singular
expression in the sixties formed the platform for every other expression for the
Ijaw man who is known to be peace loving and truthful. They are such a peaceful
people group that for more than fifty years, they have steadily laid the golden
egg that sustained our great nation without directly benefitting from the egg
they produce. If you travel across the Ijaw nation which is mostly along the
coastlines, you will see the face of poverty. Although richly endowed, yet, by
the rulership of the North and the greed of corrupt politicians of the region,
it is still the face of poverty and deprivation.

THE ELIJAH COMPANY – 2 Chronicles 21:12-15. In the middle of the revolts by Edom and Libnah and the rebellion of Judah against God’s plan, God raised up a prophet. The prophet did not speak. He wrote what God told him
to the ruling king. Over the years, the prophets have been speaking. Now, it is
time for them to write. If you are a prophet of God, write because the nations
must read and hear what God is saying. Through the prophetic voices, we will see
the judgment of God on all ungodly leadership in this nation at the different
levels of government. The judgment is coming on those who have killed for
position, power and prosperity. The judgment will come on the ruling cabal who
have deliberately withstood the change that we so desire in line with God’s plan
for this nation. The judgment will come suddenly.

DIVINE JUDGMENT – 2 Chronicles 21:16-20. The judgment will come in two dimensions. It will come as a wasting disease. This is not curable. It will waste the time, talent and treasures of our ungodly leaders,
the ruling cabal who have twisted justice while the Judge of the earth watches
from His secret place of thunder. They have given themselves titles and names
that make them think they are above the law. But time will soon expose them. The
wasting disease will lead to sudden death. The kind of death that will make them
undesirable. Their sight will be so unpleasant at death that some will be
cremated. This judgment will come by either internal or external manipulation.
From what I see, the next two years will redefine leadership in this nation. It
is in the code. For those who are scheming and plotting for 2011, go ahead, we
will see what will happen.

THE PRESENT CABAL – 2 Chronicles 22:1-7. There is a group of people who have seized the leadership of this present government. Ahaziah means Jah has seized. This group, the ruling cabal, has positioned themselves in
the place of God as they have taken power in their hands. They are the ones
actually holding the entire nation hostage because of their greed for power and
the skeletons in their cupboard. They know that the moment they are out of
control, all their sins will find them out. It is becoming clearer the role the
band of men from Arabia will play in the ruling cabal. They will work in
alliance with Athaliah, Jah has constrained, to compress and conceal facts. They
will heap lie upon lie just to conceal the truth about the leadership. This we
have seen happen since the past two months. The ruling cabal is a breed of
vipers, a breed of liars. By their wicked counsels, they have violated the laws
of our nation with impunity. And this is the major set back of this present
administration: it is crowded with mostly wicked counselors.

They have set the stage for their total destruction. When God has determined the destruction of a cabal, even the smartest may not see the signs. It takes anointed seers like Daniel to read the handwritings on the wall.
The handwritings on the wall are very clear. The days of the ruling cabal is
numbered. Daniel 5:24-28. God has concluded their works on earth. God has
weighed them in the balances and they are found wanting. Their judgment is not
decided by EFCC or ICPC. The day of judgment of these arrogant and corrupt cabal
made up of chieftains of the key political parties, self-styled king makers and
sacred cows is at hand. They have abused sacred privileges which some of them
swore to uphold. What happened to Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, is about to
happen to them in ways that people cannot deny the fact that this is the hand of
God at work. Daniel 6:17-30. Their slayers are in their cars, offices, homes,

THE REVOLUTION - 2 Chronicles 22:8-12. 23:1-21. Before peace, there must be war. Isaiah 9:4 tells of the purpose of God to break the yoke of oppression, the oppression of the oppressor. The next verse shows how
the yoke of oppression will be broken. There will be confused noise and garments
rolled in blood. This revolution will include burning and fuel of fire. The same
fuel that they have deprived us of will be used for their destruction.

In this revolution, the priests and Levites shall receive strength to take action. They have a mandate to install the new leadership that will bring joy to the people. The priests will enter into covenant bond with the
new leadership. This covenant bond will become a guide to the new leadership to
uphold and maintain law and order in order for this nation to rise to take its
place in the comity of developed nations. Nigeria will rise like a mighty
edifice and a towering trophy. Nigerians will rejoice again as if we have become
independent from our oppressors. Nigeria is entering a new phase beginning this

Copyrights© Bishop Michael O. Amamieye, 2010.


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