Rocket League is a game all about playing multiplayer soccer with rocket-powered cars, and today, it expands with a free update that adds a brand new game-mode, as well as other minor changes and bug fixes. The focus of the update is Drop Shot, a game mode in which you play in a hexagonal arena Rocket League Keys without any fixed scoring areas or goals. The aim of the Drop Shot is to smash the ball into your opponent’s side of the arena and thus make pieces of the floor fall away. This is the latest non-traditional game mode for Rocket League, following a basketball-like mode called Hoops, and Rumble, which gives your car super powers.

Rocket League was born in 2008 as the game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars – which is an awesome, if hard to remember name. The game understandably won itself a dedicated community of fans. Now, its game is back with an easier to remember name and improvements mechanical improvements to add further polish to the already hilariously over the top action. The Rocket League also has a multiplayer options – making it the perfect game to play with friends Rocket League Crates. While you can play alone against rather lackluster bots, I quickly gravitated towards the online with teams of up to 4 cars per side and the local split screen when I had friends nearby. 

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