The accessible best would be Gainey

So here's my proposal: Let the centers accept the Selke, as they basically accept it already. Spin off an accolade for best arresting winger.This wouldn't just be advised to allotment the awards adulation with players who accept been acutely arctic out of the Selke -- admitting Bob Gainey, a larboard winger, acceptable the aboriginal four of them -- but aswell to put the spotlight on what abundant arresting wingers do and who the best arresting wingers are in the NHL today. Imagine if there was an accolade for anyone like Mark Stone of the Ottawa Senators, who had the anniversary of finishing sixth for the Selke endure analysis -- abaft 5 centers, and in foreground of 5 more.

As for a name, the accessible best would be Gainey, who is currently angry with Bergeron for a lot of Selke wins, with four. But let's not go with the accessible choice.The accolade for the accompaniment who best demonstrates the a lot of accomplishment in the arresting basic of the adventurous shall be called the Jere Lehtinen Trophy, afterwards the Dallas Stars winger NHL Coins. Not abandoned because he won the accolade three times but because accepting one of those trophies called afterwards a European-born amateur is a atypical concept.Chris Peters, NHL affairs writer: If the Pro Hockey Writers Association voted on midseason awards, one of the awards we voted on that basically doesn't abide was the "Rod Langway Award.

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