In trying to draw the diagram of the tittle-tattle from Abuja,one will be bound to encounter one of the most precarious diagnosis of precedents events as it outplayed even the mysterious ovule in "Aso Rock" that gave birth to such human as creation, as to the numbers curtsy of strange objects reporting going and coming out of the oval office of the President.While prayers had substitute the virtue which the bible itself recognised in the book of Proverbs, as a free gift of God, if its obtained by righteousness from his silver-haired head, but today many of the prophects in Nigeria and the religious leaders hear no more from the creator of universe. The one strange thing about Abuja, if any humans, that is still with his spirit walked the street of the city is the notice of a total absence of Godly presence, all you will see is that the heavenly door has been close to the people lamentations, the supreme no more hear the crying of his peoples, to sent any one still regarded by him as blameless to rescured them from the deluge of overbearing.

The coup de Grace( stoke of Grace) had abandoned the city, where the créme de créme of all unthinkeable atroce is committed in Nigeria, where evils had crept into the confonded senses of the power drunkenness of some of our congenials, and this confusable phenomenals glacial had broken the rooftop that protected the nation from breaking into from the outside, belief me it is not just a dilatory demagogic formulation that should be taking or receiving with mere lip service, it must be considered with acute interest by all that are lovers of Nigeria, the country is no more echanting even for the breathless to survive, hope which is the only substance to hanged unto and a free gift from creation had escaped the country and become a luxury, just because of the cloudy obscurantism that is so gangling like glutinous and locust to devour all from his passage-the written has become indelible in the face of all our present crops of politicians, theirs immunodeficiency aganist deciency is no more there-henceforth the galoping of immoral and corruptions as the entail rule of big-manism an enshrine value of socialisation hitherto of who would be, the hiss of the noice makers of the politics of Nigeria, the emptiness gangsters of all past military wharehouse souped-up opera clientelism of the so-so that left nothing even from their crumb with a cynical behaviours of anti-love and anti-patriotics towards Nigeria, there is never a repoted of its manifestation in their conduct of the affair of the nation there philosopy of nationhood and it interpretation is different from what is known elsewhere in the globe.

But i know, we cannot go on running with the hare and hunting with hounds indefinitely and continue to hotchpotch the futur through our inept attitude to react in mass against such system that cripple the entier nation to be a beggar amidst plenty, one day sometime, will make us to refused this morose ambivalence and we will be inclined to fight back the system, because there has never been such in history that will perdue in the face of world quarentine. The reasons for all this is because we Nigerians, are too docile and perhap too coward resilents to face the truth and fight for a right that our propre brothers and sisters imposed on us-while all we know is prayer and calling of God- when is actual facts God did an overtime job on his creation work on Nigeria and bless the country greatly, and to God we are disturping him the more we call everytime to him-let us be sincere to ourself what else do we want God to do for us that he has never done? oh except perhap the search for someone like David to come directly from heaven and fight for us-that we are lacking we are all a bounch of trouillards(chickens) that will only shout and cry but lacking the guts to collectively pincheds this peoples by contraints and compelled them to act in a more civilised way instead of the gaggle wait and see to our non-belligerents in the affair of our life the present and thr futur we all trying to creat by living a country empty of his substance and reasons.Today, the physical existance of the country is been played like a demostration game nothing is holding it as rule nor regulation the federated states or region are all seperated by a parelled lign independent of each other and each think differently just because we refused to link our existance to the cultural renaissance of our past history the restoration of both pat historical and privileged position as the vehicles of modern education, technology,science and the creative sensibility of the people be assured or except if we had accepted this capitalist process of bourgeoisification which to me will be detrimental to the health of this country without first looked for how to better the path that will linking us to our ancestors understood legitimized we will be unable to build a new flourishing culture to engaged in a systematic rehearse of how to transformed our relationship with our culture to the rest of the world if not our attitude will always look like a permanent struggle with falsifications of truth and imposing scolaristic method without foundation and this will not help us neither nor make us an autnomous entity that work with itself than the disparates that will be prevent from the good solutions of life.

To conclude, this abhurrence remake of what should be done in term of social refoundations of value a need for confrontation and challenge of this balkannization of the system of value and the respect of the practice must be strictly adhered to as the social contrat that bind us together. In a form of federating state autonomous to manage and compete with each other in friendly fraternise nation were the basic political points is bring the center the defense and the economic construction of a responsible unity with the affirmation of our differences clearly prounced and guarantee in the working document that is the constitution of Nigeria.

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