TERA Rising goes free, get exclusive in-game content here

Earlier this month, En Masse Entertainment began the transition of these MMO TERA to your free to play game without having subscription required. The TERA: Rising update adds a brand new dungeon, a fresh PvP battleground, along with other new content with the massively multiplayer action RPG.

The update for TERA: Rising makes all things in the MMO for no extra charge, this means there is no payment necessary to Buy Tera Items access any dungeon or level a character towards the maximum. En Masse will likely be funding the MMO with an in-game store obtaining the a wider range of costume and customization choices. If you have fun playing the game free of charge and find yourself liking it, players can find elite status. This digital purchase offers four weeks of extra dungeon rewards, bonus daily quests, at the very top mount, and also other in-game content and features.

You can try TERA: Rising here, and when you want to Tera PS4 Items separate yourself in the crowd, we’re handing out a few in-game items for TERA: Rising.

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