Tencent, denied buying -Pay to Win the eighty percent shares from the Free Hakusura "Path of Exile" Developer

In China's leading companies, Tencent, also is known as a game publisher, " Path of Exile has acquired the shares from the POE Goods Grinding Gear Games is recognized for."

Tencent is was originally a publisher on the China version of "Path of Exile", would like to further purchase the game, it acquired the shares on the Grinding Gear Games. According on the overseas media Wccftech, the Tencent has acquired is that from the also also includes 80% on the shares in the Grinding Gear Games.

For this matter, Grinding Gear Games in the founder with the "Tencent" League of Legends "and owns a massive franchise including" Clash of Clans ", developers and studios which may have invested intention has gained a higher reputation by respecting your choice. past several years, but another to become a variety of approaches received (using companies), these are, to didn't understand the "Path of Exile", I was felt to get a different purpose, including to register anyone to their services. the objective of Tencent is apparent, with the good things wherever possible the "Path of Exile", in the resources to us along with us "and commented.

Although it manufactured in 80% with the shares that Tencent owned, Grinding Gear Games The itself be in to stop in New Zealand independent companies. Pay to Win reduction also strongly denied, it's not at all to change the monetization with International server, we've stated that.

It needs to be noted, don't cause changes towards the plan inside the development from the "Path of Exile" by the time from the transaction. "Path of Exile" will be distributed from the Buy Exalted Orb basic unengaged to target the Xbox One / PC. In around 2020 inception, is 4.0.0 beta test currently under development start schedule.

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