You should never get familiar with anything to the point Spiritual Laws of Money of ADDICTION. Whenever you enjoy anything to the point of being "POSSESSED" then retrace your steps and clip off that grip. Your growth and success can easily be slowed down by ATTACHMENTS to non-core and seemingly insignificant and yet powerful addictions. Temporary pleasures can INHIBIT progress permanently. What started off as a casual way of ending the day after labouring in the office almost destroyed my life. For two years I had a fight with an addiction I held onto with all my life. I am talking about my relationship with beer. There is a time it got so bad that I needed to have some sort of alcohol in my blood at any given time. It took drastic measures and conditions for this to eventually lose its grip. When I realised how much time and money I spent on this addiction, I then realised how much de-service I had done to my family. Suddenly I was set free.

Immediately I could live a normal life. I became more productive, more focused and deliberate with how I spent my finances. All this happened before I was married. My turning point is when I got born again and became an active Christian.Common addictions centre around Sex, Alcohol and Drugs (making you SAD).There are however many other addictions that can spoil progress such as television, games on cell phones or computer, social networking platforms. Many organizations have deliberately blocked employees from accessing social networking sites.

It is so easy for an employee to come to work and pretend to work (what is sometimes termed APPARENT EFFECTIVENESS). At the end of the day there are no results to show except a hangover to come and continue social networking again tomorrow. For some, the moment they leave the office, they go on social networking on their cellular phones. Husbands are so busy chatting on cell phones with other people when wives are sitting close hoping the eyes of husbands will turn someday towards them. Wives are not immune to this. A whole married woman fails to cook a nice meal for her children because she is just busy with TV and online chatting. One addiction leads to the next.

If you are addicted to a game on a computer, the next thing you are addicted to internet chat rooms and in no time pornography is your daily dosage. At this point you are hooked and possessed. This occupies your thoughts totally stealing your productive thinking time. Shake off addictions whenever you smell or sense them. You cannot exist as a bound person. Be set free today.The most important step to freedom is Identifying and admitting that indeed you do have an addiction. You can then be open to help and rehabilitation once you acknowledge. As long as you live in the denial zone, any form of help will be resisted by everything in you because you would have created a comfort zone for yourself

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