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Military ranks of Nigeria - Navy Ranks

Note: This ranks are in ascending order. That is, from lowest ranks at top to highest rank at bottom.
11. Midshipman
10. Sub lieutenant
9. Lieutenant
8. Lieutenant commander
7. Commander
6. Captain
5. Commodore
4. Rear admiral
3. Vice Admiral
2. Admiral
1. Admiral of the Fleet

Q. OPEC Members

Ans. These countries are members of OPEC: Algeria,   Angola,   Ecuador,   Equatorial Guinea,   Gabon,   Iran,   Iraq,   Kuwait,  Libya,   Nigeria,   Qatar,   Republic of the Congo,   Saudi Arabia,   United Arab Emirates,   Venezuela


Q. Continents in the world

Ans. The most widely adopted classification of continents in the world is:
1. Africa.
2. Europe
3. Asia
4. North America
5. South America
6. Australia (or Oceania)
7. Antarctica


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