Statistics Data Analysis about Exercise

Exercises highly improve the condition of the patients with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). It has been observed that the patients who do practice regularly improve and heal at a high rate. However, majority of them do not adhere to exercise as required. Most of them only get worse, both mentally and health wise. They become worse without chances of recovery from the mental illness. This has necessitated the need for an stata assignment help expert that evaluates the various ways that can be used to improve adherence to exercise SPMIs

It is presumed that the factors mentioned above can go a long way in improving the adherence to exercise patients suffering from SPMIs. They will be reviewed and analyzed in the following project and their effect noted. These factors will be the independent variables and their effect on the status of the mentally ill reviewed. The severe status of the patients will, therefore, be the dependent variable.  The code sheet of training, resources, regulations, motivation, adherence to exercise will be; 1-1-extremely worse adherence to exercise, 2-worse poor, 3-bad, 4-average, 5-good life, 6-very good life, 7-extremely good life. Government funding is a categorical variable hence it will not be coded.  


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