Speak like a Pro! Public Speaking and Presentation Training now available in Lekki

Are you employed but wish you could be more competent at WORK. . . ?

Are you a graduate and you're looking for a JOB? Do you think you possess the right set of skills that employers are generally looking for. . . ? Your certificate alone is not enough these days.

Are you into BUSINESS or MARKETING and you wish to raise your game beyond your present level? Are you very good with speaking or presenting before an AUDIENCE? Or do you get nervous, confused, and frightened by it. . . ?

No matter your profession or industry, if you want to be more productive, more competent, and more successful you really need the skills of Public Speaking!

LiveSpeech offers effective training in:

• Public Speaking,
• Speech Writing, and
• Oral Presentation

To help you with:

• Banishing stage fright,
• Building confidence to face any audience,
• Succeeding at Job Interviews,
• Delivering awesome PowerPoint™ presentations all by yourself at work, for marketing, or at school,
• Preparing effective and more persuasive marketing / sales presentation, and
• Writing Powerful and Persuasive Speeches.

This is a highly specialised course designed primarily to make you a Master of Principles -- confident before any audience, composed in any situation, competent in any challenge.

Our fees are far more affordable than the rest. This is an opportunity you cannot miss!

For more details go to:-



• 0818.972.0737
• 0803.793.1047
• livespeech@live.com

Inform your friends and colleagues. Limited places available this April. . .

Brought to you by LiveSpeech Nigeria

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