Someone Worse than Gadhaffi in KOLOKOLO COMMUNITY in Delta State

Its very unfortunate and pathetic that despite the international community's condemnation of  the Libyan Leader Mommar Gadhaffi, for his style of leadership, we still have people that are worse off in Nigeria. what is happening in my Community is a case far worse than that of Libya, Mental and Economic Slavery, Chevron has done a lot for the our oil-rich communites in terms of physical and human development but the leaders are sabotaging the efforts of the companies by amassing themselves with wealth that should have been distributed to all stake holders, they arrogate themselves with powers that never existed, THEY WILL BE EXPOSED VERY SOON ! watch out (To be Continued...)

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Comment by Ogunyemi, Samuel Olakunle on June 21, 2011 at 3:04pm

Is quite a pity, people a mean some of our so call leaders are still living in the primitive age, they are so selfish, callous and future destroyer. We believe in positive evolution and we are awaking to that, going by the last election. the destiny of our future country lies in our hands. let us all awake in monitoring our leaders and doing what we suppose to do positively to better our beloved country (To be continued)


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