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In the buy safe wow gold Digital Britain report in June, Lord Carter suggested reducing the internet speeds of repeat offenders. However, Lord Mandelson more recently went one step further and proposed temporary disconnection.

Speaking at the Department for Media, Culture Sport's C Forum Conference on Tuesday, Mr Levy will say that the proposals the UK government looks set to pursue are much lighter than the recently approved "three strikes" system in France.

Vivendi which owns Universal Music, Activision, pay TV business Canal+ and mobile operator SFR occupies the unique position of being both an ISP and a content owner.

Mr Levy will say that, even the suggested sanction of temporary account suspension is still a lot softer than what is being pursued in France.

The French government will establish a new agency that will email a warning to anyone found to be illegally downloading films or music.

If a second offence occurs within six months, a written warning is sent. The third offence will lead to a judge ordering a one year internet rights suspension or issuing a fine.

Mr Levy's remarks will follow last month's comments from Charles Dunstone, the chief executive of Carphone Warehouse, which owns ISP TalkTalk, that he will take the Government to court if the company is forced to cut off customers suspected of illegally downloading music and films.

Mr Levy will say that, as the pressures of piracy increase, content owners must develop products and services that consumers are prepared to pay for.

Vivendi's Universal Music has secured a number of recent deals, including revenue sharing arrangements with both BSkyB and Virgin Media for their subscription rivals to iTunes. Sky Songs launched earlier this month. The group also runs a number of other subscription services, such as the popular online subscription video game, World of Warcraft.

Many British supporters of France's "three strikes" system hope that the UK may pass similar legislation in the near future. However there has been much opposition from UK ISPs, such as the Carphone Warehouse and BT, and some leading UK artists.

A number of leading musicians, which includes those in the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC), a group which represents the interests of recording artists, claim that despite the damage that file sharing does to sales, it can also encourage people to buy concert tickets and merchandise.


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