Small Business Web Design Tips: How to Choose a Mobile Website Builder

So, you have a website. What do you have to do next?


These days having a website is not enough. You need to make it accessible to mobile users. Before you calculate how much you would have to spend for that, remember there are ways to make your website accessible to smartphones without creating another version of it.


Automating the process is possible. Mobile builders make the process easier with these features. According to Magicdust, “which platform your website is built on will affect the usability and speed at which you can keep your content updated and connect with your visitors.”


Here are some factors to consider in choosing a mobile website builder.

1. Templates


Mobile website builders, or at least most of them, use templates. Using these templates will give your website a cohesive look and feel. Of course, your mobile website needs to evoke the same emotions as your main website although you have to adapt it to a smaller screen.


Templates these days are not as dull and boring as they were in the past. In fact, templates are highly customizable so you can make changes to suit your tastes.


2. Drag-and-drop Functionality


You don’t need to be an HTML master to launch a website. Even if you are basically a business owner, not a designer, it’s possible to create a stunning website thanks to mobile builders.

What’s more is that all you have to do is drag and drop to customize the website. Of course, having a designer is still recommended, but at least you know you have options.


If you do have a web designer, these builders come with HTML and CSS options. So, advanced users are free to make more changes to suit the needs of your website.


If you want professional help, consider these factors when choosing a web designer.


3. Google Analytics Support


Mobile builders are not just for aesthetic purposes, they also assist you with Google Analytics integration and provide updates about the real-time traffic to your website. This is a useful feature to website owners, and it will help you figure out the right formula to gain more visitors.


4. Social Media Integration


Websites should never ignore the power of social media. Platforms, where your company can interact with users like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, should never be overlooked.

These days, customers expect you to be present on these websites. Website builders should allow you to promote your web content directly to these platforms.


5. GPS Functionality


Smartphones made it easier for customers to find local stores thanks to the GPS functionality. With their smartphones, customers can just look up a business instantly. To make your website even friendlier to potential customers, be sure to include a click-to-map feature, so visitors don’t have to leave the website to know where your store is located.


6. Strong Multiplatform Support


Your mobile website builder should allow you to create a website for smartphones of all screen dimensions and capabilities. Look for a builder that supports both iOS and Android. Building your website with HTML5 is also recommended since it is compatible with BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and other platforms.


7. Customer Support


Customers visit your website to learn more about your business, and possibly, ask for support. You want these visitors to have more than one way to reach you. Be sure to include your e-mail address, phone number, a chat application, and a contact form so they can get in touch right away.

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