With each passing year, we put a hold on our plans. Why do we even bother to plan something if we are never going to do it in the first place?

It's bothersome that we don't actually feel the need to take a break.

Holidays are meant to be enjoyable not filled with curses and boring family anthems.

This year lets plan something fantabulous for a family holiday to the magical land of Morocco.

Choosing Morocco as a holiday destination has a great number of reasons.

Let’s count a few;

  • Budget-friendly. Morocco is not as expensive as some have come to think of it. In fact, it is one of the places where you can save lots of cash unless you have a sudden urge to spend it all in the souks.
  • Safe travels. Media enlists some countries to be more prone to terror breakouts than they actually are. It was a sense of relief to visit Morocco and to realize it's not bad at all. Tourists are welcomed in a generous way and people are helpful too. Moroccan government pays attention to its tourism industry and has also appointed
  • Yummy tummy. Don’t you just love the idea of food? Imagine eating different varieties for each course of the day. The fresh baked goods, the tagine meat with assorted vegetables, the meat on skewers? It’s a yes for your happy belly.


And yes there are several other reasons we can count but our fingertips won’t be enough to cover them all.

Taking holidays to Morocco is not only a refreshing to your body and soul but also lets you take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. Whoever thought holiday can be a perfect four-walled?

Don't count on it of being boring and conservative. Yes, there are values and traditions you have to respect of any thriving culture but just because it's not part of our culture doesn't make it accusable.

Holidays in Morocco can be as sunny or as cloudy depending on your holiday spot for the day.

Morocco holiday packages give you the chance to have a true Moroccan experience under the Moroccan sky.

It’s a new year, new hope and a new dream.

Morocco has flavorsome destinations in its pocket neatly tied away. You have to unfold those pockets to live the Moroccan dream.


Book Your Stay in Advance

It’s the best strategy of all times. Morocco holidays packages are hot sellers in tourism. Virikson Morocco Holiday provides best entailing packages in advance for the convenience of booking and to make sure you get the best of all.

  • CHEAP holidays
  • LUXURY holidays
  • FAMILY holidays
  • EASTER holidays
  • Summer holidays
  • Winter holidays
  • OCTOBER holidays and ALL-INCLUSIVE holidays

You can get any package and can even customize it according to your requirements. Tourists travelling to Morocco often like to experience their stay in local riads established old houses renovated for the sole purpose of giving services to tourists.

You have a list of choices to choose from.

Best Time to Travel

Europe climate varies from subtropical to polar. Tourists coming from colder regions prefer to bask in more sunshine than they have back home.

Morocco has moderately subtropical with the varied landscape. The more you travel north, you feel the difference in terms of rising mountains and colder climate.

However, Morocco can be visited all year round but the best time to visit it is in beautiful spring (from March-May) and in autumn (September – October). You can easily travel during winter as well but make sure to pack both light and heavy clothing (the weather tends to change often).

Where to Go?

Now that we have got a booking and decided the time of year for a good visit. The question is what places to actually visit.

To be honest, the list is so long! I can’t seem to put a finger on any one of the destinations!

So let’s plan a holiday tour to cover all basis.

In the labyrinths of Marrakech, is our first stop for the day. Travelling from London to Marrakech only took 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Reason for choosing Marrakech as our first stop is quite obvious don’t you think?

The cultural city of Morocco holds amazing archaeological sites as well as historical building giving us a huge flashback to times when Romans, Portuguese, and Muslims used to rule. Remarkably enough, all three cultural sites have been preserved by the government naming it among UNESCO world sites.

Marrakech gives an unruly similarity to Egypt (weird I know) but it is land of shopping too!

How can you enjoy your Morocco holiday without experiencing Djemaa el-Fna – the largest souk in Marrakech? You can’t scratch it off the list!

The second stop in Casablanca. Enjoy a good day breakfast at your hotel or any local Café overlooking the entrance of old medina. You can enjoy French menu off the list of item to eat!

For later, you can go sightseeing to Mohammed V Square, built under a French protectorate.

You can also take a closer look to Sacre Coeur Church, styled in 1930, is another French impression. The park around is open to tourists but still is under development.

Don’t forget to visit the famous Hassan II Mosque (third largest in the world) and you can even visit it! (obviously when it’s not prayer time) and you have to cover your head with a scarf for respect. It’s an economical city you must not skip.

Travelling further we reach the capital city of Rabat. Travelling to Rabat via road you will come across best sceneries of aligned houses on one side and fresh the smell the Atlantic on the other side. You can enjoy spending some hours on about tour and even try fishing! Or you can visit the old medina and the souk (as always) can't be ignored. Again it's time to shop. After some wild craze of fulfilling shopping spree take pictures of each Minaret and mausoleum in the city centre and at outskirts of Rabat.

Now we take our blessed forms to the fishing town of Tangier. It is so close to Europe that you can feel the Spanish weather here! I would suggest visiting the beaches! You can spend a camel ride and good ol' dipping in the Mediterranean.

Moving on from Tangier our next stop is rural town based on the hilly terrain Chefchaouen – the blue city with all glories of flora and the alleys covered in blue paint demand your focus at least once!

Classical city of Fez is our second last stop. Another rural site to our eyes and the historical sandstone castles are a true depiction of Moroccan heritage. You can do a buggy ride and travel on the camel throughout the time! Something to remember by (remember it’s not that easy to travel on a camel).

And the last but not the least holiday destination is Merzouga. Missing The Great Sahara adventure? I would die without it! Spend a night camping in the sand dunes and why not try sand surfing while there?


See? You can travel to all the cities in a holiday bundle. All you need is to plan your stay and get booked in advance for upcoming adventures you shall have in Morocco. Travel with the waves!

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