Six Ways To Grow Entrepreneurship In Nigeria

Nigerians are very hardworking group of people especially the youths. A lot of them have worked very hard and their achievements have planted great sense of pride in our hearts. Names of those who have taken their crafts to great heights are too numerous to mention, they have excelled greatly in areas such as I.C.T, food processing, small scale manufacturing, fashion, science and technological innovations, arts and entertainment, media and journalism, sports etc. These successful youths are role models whose success can be emulated by others through effective promotion of entrepreneurship, a few ways to carry this out are:

Practical learning

Entrepreneurship knowledge should be properly developed and the teaching should employ a more practical approach to encouraging novelty and perfection in product or service development.

A more encouraging environment

An atmosphere that inspires entrepreneurship should be created with the support of schools, government and private organizations through mentoring and funding.

Increase networking

Platforms that encourage networking opportunities and exchange of ideas should be encouraged. Regular meet ups, summits and conferences by entrepreneurs will increase exchange of ideas leading to better business skills and enhance the overall economy of the nation.

Encourage collaborations

When collaboration between individuals, states are high, production will increase and when the collaboration is extended to other countries, export of the commodities or services will also increase, this will in turn better the balance of payment of the country.

Standard and quality control

Consumers satisfaction should be the ultimate goal, emphasis should be placed on standard in order to ensure sustainability of investments. A country where standard of production is not a priority easily loses ground in international trade.

Equip and update skill hubs

Hubs where vocational skills are taught should be equipped and updated with modern tools and competence in order to ensure that outputs conform with internationally accepted standard. This finalizes our list on Six ways to grow Entrepreneurship in Nigeria, we hope you practice them.

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