The world is no doubt an endless circle of boredom without hobbies to do such as reading, dancing, meeting friends and so on. In order to live a fulfilled life, we decided to bridge the gap between the stifled nature of life and hobbies. 

In this article, Fife Global Publishing LLC is going to brief you on books we think can help reduce tension in your daily living.

1.  MYSTIC MOON WARRIORS by S. A. Laughlin

Love Science fantasy books?

Book Preview:

Two police officers are brought unknowingly into the world of Mystovia, inhabited by Amazons, Elves, Sorcerers, mythical creatures, and demons. A terrorist, from their world, is thrown by mistake into Mystovia.  He discovers a powerful Orb giving him great magical powers. He plans to rule Mystovia and opens the gates of Hvarth setting free its hoard of demonic force. The two officers fight alongside Amazons, Elves, and other inhabitants to rid Mystovia of the evil demons and the terrorist. Book one in the Mystic Moons series. Visit to read more

2. FLY TOWARD DEATH by Sally A. Laughlin

Book Preview:

There were three all-female aviation regiments in the Soviet Union during World War II.  This is a story about those female pilots, navigators, and ground crews that flew and worked under incredibly adverse conditions.  From women who flew the little, unarmed bi-planes and bombed the German army at night; to the fierce female fighter pilots who fought the seasoned German Luftwaffe.  This is a fictional account, based on actual occurrences, of those amazing women who lived, loved and died bravely during the dark days of World War II. Read more

3. HIDDEN BETWEEN THE LINES by Sally A. Laughlin

Book Preview:

Hidden between the lines is set in the early 1800s, two young Ladies, cousins, are torn from their homes in England by betrayal and deceit. Separated, they must use their wits to combat the perils and dangers they are thrown into as they struggle to overcome various obstacles to be with the men they love.  The wild, savage American frontier and the cold societal mores of English life are only the beginnings of their problems. Visit to read more

4. FIONA OF THE GLEN by Catriona Gunn

Book Preview:

Scottish Highlands: 1823.  The people of Glen nan Gall live by subsistence farming and illicit whiskey distilling.  Fiona's father is a leading distiller and smuggler in the area.  When the militia marches into the glen to put a stop to the illicit distilling and smuggling, Fiona's adventures begin.  Throughout all the dangers, Fiona finds time for love, but with which one: a soldier, or a young, local smuggler, or the new landowner in Glen nan Gall.  Jealousy deceit and danger surround Fiona, causing her world to be turned upside down. Visit to read more


Book Preview:

A group of fishing and fly fishing stories that reflect the trials and tribulations of an experienced and expert angler.  Allen has fished from one end of the United States to the other.  He has traveled to New Zealand, Australia and Canada to fish for the "big ones."  Throughout his book, the dos and don'ts of fly fishing are cleverly illustrated by some of the situations he has experienced.  The last chapter has all of the fishing questions you were afraid to ask. Visit to read more

6. WHISPERS OF THE PAST by Owen Clough

Book Preview:

Sam and his two mates have the task to clear out as many feral pigs as they can in the Tongariro National Park, which is located on the North Island of New Zealand. There are three major volcanoes within this park, so the culling of the pigs has to be done with great care as there are an abundant amount of thermal pools, mud pools and, of course, volcanoes.   Mist, sulphur and rain envelop them and propel them back to the start of the New Zealand Wars of 1863. Three modern blokes, with all the paraphernalia of the 21st century, running around in the past, confused, lost, and trying to stay out of harm's way. Will they get home? Will they change history? Visit to read more

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