Should You buy an Apartment in Sobha Avenue or an Individual House in Bangalore

When looking to buy your dream home, you may be faced with a dilemma: whether to buy an apartment or a house. You may find a good individual house for sale in Bangalore. At the same time you may also find some excellent modern apartments like Sobha Avenue. So, how do you decide which is the best option?

Buying an apartment in Bangalore

-> Here are some of the advantages of buying an apartment in the city:

  • Modern: You can buy a resale property or a new property. When you opt for a flat in a new building and society, you will get many modern amenities. From gyms to swimming pools to gardens, there are many facilities that come with your apartment.
  • Safety: New buildings have high-level security arrangements. From round-the-clock security to CCTV cameras at strategic locations, you and your family are always safe.
  • Good construction: Sobha Avenue guarantees the best construction and delivery. Your bathroom fittings, electric wiring, insulation, and other facilities will be of the highest quality.

-> Now, let us look at some of the disadvantages of buying an apartment:

  • Privacy: You will have to share the floor with many other apartment owners. You will have common walls. These factors definitely reduce your privacy levels.
  • Expensive: A standard apartment in a good society comes at a higher price tag. But, you can get a home loan of up to Rs.3.5 crore from a reputed lender like Bajaj Housing Finance. With a good loan, you can fulfil your dream of buying an apartment in a prestigious society in Bangalore.

Buying an individual house in Bangalore

-> Here are the advantages of buying an individual house:

  • Design: You can look at an individual house for sale in Bangalore. Or, you could buy a plot and design your own villa. You can design the house in any way you wish and make it your dream home.
  • Location: You get to choose the location of your house. If you wish to live in relative seclusion, an individual house would suit you. You may not find an apartment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Privacy: You get a lot of privacy in your own villa, as compared to an apartment. You do not have to share walls with anyone. In most cases, two independent houses have some space in between them. This is another benefit of getting your own house built in the city.

-> Now let’s explore some disadvantages of buying an individual house:

  • Less security: You need to make your own security arrangements when you have an individual house. There will be no backup option for you.
  • No amenities: A housing complex comes with many amenities. These include a gym, swimming pool, jogging tracks, and so on. If you have an independent house, you will have to use the public facilities at an added cost. Or, you have to invest in building your own fitness corner in your house.
  • Overseeing construction: You need to oversee every aspect of the construction. Right from monitoring the raw material to seeing what kind of electrical fittings are being installed, the entire responsibility is yours. The interior designing of the house will also be in your hands. In case of an apartment, the builder takes care of all this.

The final word

There are merits and demerits to buying an apartment and an individual house. Go over the features of both and see which suits your requirements. Keep the advantages and disadvantages in mind too. You can look at some good properties like Shobha Avenue or check out an individual house for sale in Bangalore. You can opt for a home loan for both. So, explore your options and select a home that you can take pride in.

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