Shiloh 2016 Live Broadcast - Watch Shiloh 2016 Live

Shiloh 2016 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast - For my regular visitors, you will agree with that i have already made a publication on Shiloh 2016. But today being the 6th December the much awaited day for the start of Shiloh 2016, i will be publicising the shiloh 2016 live stream where everyone who can't make it to shiloh 2016 can watch it live as though they where there.bishop

 Well if you did not get to read my initial publication on shoilh 2016, you can as well click this shiloh 2016 programme schedule and you will get the full details of shiloh 2016.

 A must read >>> Shiloh 2016 My case is different All over the world, all eyes and hearts will be on shiloh 2016. And i emplore you all to be part of this great event. You can bet your live on this that miracles are bound to take place. Whatever be your challenge, be it financial, marital, spiritual o, no matter what it ever be, your solutions will as you part take in shiloh 20126.

 If you are going to miss it by not visiting canaanan Land, you can as well follow us here because we will be stream living the whole events. The links to watch shiloh live will be place on this platform.

 Shiloh 2016 has been themed "My Case Is Different" this declaration he made during the pre-shiloh 2016 service by Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church. Hallelujah.....

During the prophetic declaration for Shiloh 2016 which was received by the congregation with faith as the Bishop gave some scriptural reference to back up the Shiloh 2016 theme.

 According to the General Overseer of Living faith Church, also known as Winners Chapel took a scriptural verse from the book of Genesis 47 vs 15-27.

He said as just as God exempted the Israelites from the holocaust of the day, so shall you receive a prophetic seal of exemption at shiloh 2016.

Repeat the Shiloh 2016 prophetic Declaration Below

“I’m ordained to by God to be exempted from the terror of darkness of this day
I am rising as a great Army, to take my place in spite of the darkness and gloominess
No matter the economic situation, I am exempted because i am part of God’s exemption plan.
I am exempted from all kinds of plagues that shall be visiting the earth
The works of my hands are exempted from collapse or ruins
God’s guiding light shall be my light
My house and i shall be exempted from the plagues of death. A seal of exemption shall be place on our foreheads

 Watch Shiloh 2016 live

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