It’s in every nook and cranny of our cities and states and so do people celebrate them with great pleasure without counting on the implications.

What is my point here as the topic title states? First word is sexy (sex) and the second letter is tones thus we are talking about the modern era and what it goes with. We cannot talk about latest century without
mentioning of the cutting edge technology and its features and outcomes.

First is the media, a very powerful weapon to make or mar. Sexy tones are really on the increase on daily basis. What people watch on TVs or listens on the radio proofs how useful or how destructive they are and tell
of what growth or the shape at which the society is taking. We here of people
trying to go on naked and as they wish hence they have the freedom to do
whatever thing they wish.

With the invent of sophisticated telecommunication and media gadgets, more help is done to abuse it in many ways than its usefulness. Our world today talks more about sexy shapes, sexy cars, devices, fashion, women
and what have you but fell to look into the implications. A sample experiment
is on our search engines like yahoo, Google and lives space where common search
of a giving topic and especially pictures will produce 60 sexy related issues
out of 100 searched results. Yes, I know man will always want 100% satisfaction
from what he wants but then abuse of nature in order to satisfy wants are
completely insane. I am not speaking in parables; I am trying to hit the point
and point blank when I say that today’s people are more interested in crazy things,
fashions, lust and sweet destructions. Today’s people go after the three (i.e.
WWW) which reads Wealth, Wine and Woman as what gives the maximum pleasure. We
hear also of people jumping from one sex partner to the other just to satisfy
taste and exterminate the body and soul. We hear of people indulging in one
illicit business in order to get rich quick and rule the universe. All these
and even many more are what are on in our today’s world.

With so many quests for sexy tones, moral suffers terribly and as such implies that moral is fast going extinct. Still on the media, the internet is brought to the high court here when much harm (like the cybercrime
and pornography are fast flourishing at no controllable limit) is done to this
generation as is welcomed as a new way of life and no more abominable. The
mobile phones has its own sin caused by the input of luring wallpapers and
pictures either sent unanimously by someone you know or by anonymous.

With all these catastrophes done to this generation by modern invent, the psychological balance of the coming generation is really at stake. It has already started and it’s no more new news about sexual abuse and
molestation of teachers against school pupils and teens in the colleges, boss
against staff of our various offices. Are people and leaders of our country
really knew the implications of all these having in their back mind the future
generation? OK, the second question is: are there no domineering means of
reducing these social vices instead of bearing the consequences? You too have
your suggestions and remarks to make.

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