Seven Web Series that Modern-day People Must Watch

A large number of professionals working in the entertainment industry have compared varied web series with short stories because they tend to amalgamate both drama and comedy. These shows generally last for two to ten minutes and considered to be an extremely easy to digest entertainment snack that do not really ask for a lot of attention especially when in the modern world even a small listicle can hamper concentration. 

Now I have chalked down names of seven web series that consumers need to start watching right away. So, please do buy some time and check them out. 

  1. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo deals with a group of struggling friends living in Los Angeles who are trying to identify their sexual orientations and establish strong relationships.


  1. Youth, etc. is an exceptionally light and side-splitting exploration of the lives of two best friends- Jalen and B. The show has a fresh outlook and could provide viewers relief from the monotony of their everyday lives.


  1. It does not matter if you can speak French or not, consider watching Feminin/Feminin directed by Chloe Robichaud dealing with several queer women living in Quebec. The six part anthology was released in the year 2014 but you can surely start watching it now even after four years.


  1. Her Story is a sweet, short, and extremely moving story that focuses upon the dating and working lives of queer or trans women in Los Angeles. The characters are well-rounded and quite relatable.


  1. The Special is an immensely alluring web series that hits the Manhattan Public Access long before being aired on YouTube. It us a long form, improvisational, budgetless sketch comedy that is often interspersed with amazing performances by punk rock players.


  1. Consumers could certainly recognize Claudia O’Doherty because she did have a small role in Netflix’s original series called Love but if someone does want to know her talents better, they must see her comedy investigations made in the year 2013. She tries to understand the cultures of England along with the concept of time and crack the case concerning Jack the Ripper.


  1. Isabella Rossellini started Green Porno in 2008 to explore the various mating procedures carried out by animals. Even though quite scandalous, the web series has acquired much recognition.

All the web series stated above could only be appreciated if you have a broad mindset. Now consumers generally watching these are also known for being quite fashionable. They ear exclusive outfits and attractive accessories such as mydeer wood watch or neckpieces of renowned brands.

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