Security of life and properties as it is often referred to on our media every once in a while has become a major source of concern. Guys am seriously in need of your hands on airing the problem we are being faced with in our community. Little may wonder why the crime rate in Osun state is skyrocketing. The police operative have lost their job description files and their concentration is on the highways collecting bribes( Glorified robbery ) and sometimes they come around town despite the increment in their salaries to still collect money from commercial and private motorist + motorcyclist.

In my neighborhood alone four to five robbery cases have been experienced since january 2011. A car was just stolen as at yesterday in Aladanla area, the owner of the car was knocked in the boot of the car and driven away to Ita Agbon area where he was dropped off and the car taken away. Aladanla is a well known reserved area alittle more like a GRA.

Armed robbers steal vehicles with no traces of the vehicles any where. In my church alone about three to four vehicles have been stolen so far and with no traces. In one of the cases the husband and wife's phones,wedding rings, power generating set and lap tops were carried away in the boot of the same car. we need help urgently.

We are in a messy situation around Ile Ife, a city not so big yet full of atrocities. We have a new governor in the person of Rauf Aregbesola.................i want to believe that if He can see this He might possibly  be able to do something. In January a Doctor and the wife were shot on their legs for resisting some of the armed bandit.

This are the kind of issues i believe that the labour union should go on strike for and even other union. This is a housing unit annex to the amiable Obafemi Awolowo University teaching Hospitals' Complex.

What can we begin to do to our country where we can only pay our security operative, equip them to rob us in return. This is appalling!  Please, friends i known that if we can forward this info. to the media and even to the appropriate quarters it will be of great help.


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