Nigeria is a beautiful country with well read people all over. How can a few numbers of people manipulate the system, interpreting the constitution for their selfish interest at the detriment of Nigeria? Why the educated, the statesmen, the free-thinking and the military simply kept quiet is beyond my understanding. With the leadership vacuum in Nigeria and Al’ Qaeda operatives penetrating Nigeria, I believe at this point that Nigeria needs a leader with integrity and a sense of direction. (Civilized world supports this position… integrity and a sense of direction, that is.) An impeachment proceeding should be on the table right about now or better yet, a temporary military intervention to thwart the growing Al-Qaeda network in Nigeria. Fellow citizens, for the love of Nigeria, please wake up; collectively, we can rescue Nigeria from a clueless leader and his self-centered advisers.
Emmanuel Ukpe, Silver Spring, MD, USA

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Comment by samuel Askia Jr on January 9, 2010 at 1:27pm
I vehemently disagree wit you, i can t believe it that a Nigerian is calling for military intervention at this stage, have you not heard the accretion that, The best military regime is the worst civillian rule, the military over the years always have one excuse or the other to intervene into politics, this action however has led to the catastrophe befalling nigeria today. i ll buttress thus:
1. lack of patriotism of nigerians.
the military in their long stay took, government away from the people hence, nigerians where not used to being carried along with what govt was doing, this killed our national spirit, our interest of what govt policies were, thus making us less intersted in the entity call nigeria.
this was consequent on the fact that there was no freedom of expression, many nigerians today still believe that if they speak, they can be arrested by govt< this is becos any attempt to protest peacefully always results to arrest by govt officials, this behavior was gotten from the military, which the judiciary and erudite elites are trying to ostracize, how then can u ask for the military?
2. the president needs not to be impeached, the provision of the constitution in section 145 is clear, its discretionary for the president to write to the national assemble, the phrase "whenever" used explains it all.
However section 146 is our remedy, that process must resume, upon such incapacity, it will only take time, the V.P must act and if the president is permanently incapacitated the later part of section 146 will produce the V.P as substantive president, i think the later part of section 146 is the root of the delay.
3. the U.S.A where you re writing from is at war with a number of countries, did the military take over from civillian rule to undertake such wars or disciplinary measures on such countries? it should be emphasized here that the military is subject to civil authorities in a democratic dispensation, if the military need to take over to wipe out the growing Al - Qeada network in nigeria the military should also take over power in the UK since they also have growing Al- Qeada network too.
Comment by oke whiskey on January 9, 2010 at 4:47am
Mr Emmanuel, while i share most of your passionate appeal, i vehemently dissagree with your suggestion on temporary military intervention. The military is the root cause of Nigeria's problems. Between Gowon, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abacha lays Nigeria's stolen wealth, lack of social as well as physical infrastructure, high level of corruption, high level of crime rate and on and on and on! We shall one day overcome this nightmare once our citizens are more educated, enlightened and know that their vote in the ballot box must count and not be sold to the highest bidder.

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