Remembering Barcelona Vs AC Milan 1994

As Barca file out another great team comparable only to the Romario, Stochkov squad
of 1994, great football lovers can only hope this game lives up to its
biddings, much unlike what happened in 1994. We know inter will come out
with the Italian trademark style of hard football. Although it may be
wise for them to realize that the rules have changed a lot since the
early 90's, and they may be a little too hard. Penalties during the game
may mare its spectacle.
With that said it may be another episode of the Lionel Messi Show, as I see him dazzle and
probably a penalty or 2 in his favor. Guys let's have your take on this
Titanic Clash, with score predictions. I see Barca winning 3:1. What
about you?


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