Rambunctious…FOOD FOR THOUGHT!



MY…thought! Your…thought!!Our…thought!!!


MY…feeling! Your feeling!! Our feeling!!!


MY…action! Your action!! Our action!!!


Regardless of MYO…thought;

Regardless of MYO…feeling;

Regardless of MYO…Action!


There’s no reason to be “UNHAPPY.”


Do U agree that “U” are d reason (YHW…?) you’re depressed…unhappy…angry…frustrated…dislike someone…dislike your fellow ‘human’ being…dislike “U”? Pause & think for a second. Go back and reiterate d question again & again…Then assimilate!


There’s something about our (powerful) MIND…? Isn’t It.?

D uniqueness of being HUMAN…

D gifts of “GOD.” (To God be the glory)

There’s something to be said about our ‘feelings’ isn’t It.?

D…good; D…bad; & D…ugly!


It gets our blood boiling to start our day off. It has been keeping us busy ever since we discovered that we have options to say; YES or NO in any given circumstances. I guess that’s why we’re d caretakers on MOTHER EARTH…


Disclaimer: The beauty of being able to decide if what we’re reading right now, make sense…does matter…or irrelevant is what differentiate us from other species. I guess that’s why there’s no 2 similar thoughts, feelings… etc. Accept my apology if you think some of my (dialogue) FOOD FOR THOUGHTS hits home or U think that my comments are about you. Hey! That’s life…


Do you know…?


Do you know that circumstances don’t make a person…?

…Of course not. They only revels him or her.

Do you know that our success does not lie in our collections of possessions or accomplishments or the details of our predicaments…?

Of course not, it’s only how we deal with what we have and how we face our day-to-day challenges.


Do you know that we have d capacity to manifest our own (An illusion phenomenon) destiny…?

Our ability (imbedded instinct) to create “Real Magic” in our lives is ‘no brainer.’ Yes, of course.

Only if we can remove (know how or learn how) ‘ego’ from our consciousness and replace it with ‘Love’ & ‘Kindness’ as our top notch priority.


SOLUTION: It’s essential that we create an “inner’ balance…A sense of ‘harmony’ and ‘equanimity’ within.


HOW..? BE Happy! HOW…? BE Content! HOW…? BE Satisfied! HOW…? Know “U.” HOW…?


As U become satisfied…content with who you’re and who “God” has made U to be…You become happier…

You enter a new (World) dimension of life that will ‘plant’ the seeds for future spiritual growth.


Even though no one have been able to figure out let alone understand exactly where thought came from, but one thing is for sure that it came from d same source (energy)where our heart beats came from…FOOD FOR THOUGHT  (To God be the glory)


We (human being) are thinking creatures…Every moment…every hour…every second our “minds” are working non-stop to make sense out of what we encounter as soon as we’re awake. (to God be d glory).


Every negative and positive feeling is a result of OUR thought. Obviously we’re the thinkers of our own thoughts. Allow me to digress by saying THANK YOU to all my friends on fb…I hope that my FOOD FOR THOUGHTS has been helpful contrary to all your undertaken as you continue your journey through life… To God be d glory!


I agree with Dr. Richard Carlson. Ph. D. comments and opinion on the relationship between ‘thought’ and ‘feelings’ that “the ill effects of thought come about where we forget that “thought” is a function of our consciousness – an ability that we as human being have. We are the products of our own thinking. A thought is not something that happens to us, but something that we do. It comes from inside of us, not from outside. What we think determines what we see – even though it often seems the other way around.” FOOD FOR THOUGHT!


In a nutshell: Advocates of ‘Positive thinking’ suggest thinking POSITIVE thoughts as much as we can and avoid NEGATIVE thinking altogether.


If we can agree to disagree that ‘thought” is a conscious function…a voluntary ability that shapes our experience in life then, unanimously, we can presume that:

Positive ‘thoughts’ results in positive attitude…positive thinking…positive progress…positive life…while negative thoughts, in and itself have no power to hurt except if U let it inside your “MIND.”


In order words, when a “Negative” thought do enter the “MIND” (which they will…), a positive thinker has to deny its existence and over-ride them with positive ideas…


Let me close d book with few ‘words of wisdom’ from selected masters…Please assimilate.


Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. - Confucius


All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind. - Abraham Lincoln

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. - Mahatma Gandhi


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. - Mark Twain

As always!


To GOD be D glory!


Prince ‘lasun

Peace! Shalom!! Salam!!!thumbnailCAE6Q1ZK.jpg

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