Why do you really need gear for Nepal Tour Packages ? Many trekking companies will threaten you and force you to buy x,y and z gears before leaving for a trek on high altitude for fear of death. Everything they recommend you are not necessary to buy so keep your money in pocket and follow this article.

You need to carry

  • Hiking boot:- Make sure you carry comfortable hiking boot for your trek in EBC.
  • Hiking socks:- Buy 2 pairs of best quality hiking socks as you’ll experience very cold in upper elevation.
  • Windproof jacket:- Make sure your jacket is totally windproof.
  • Rain jacket:- Protection from unexpected rain.
  • Sleeping bag:- Essential for night time as you’ll experience unbearable cold.
  • Gloves: -Necessary to protect your hand from excessive cold.
  • Sunglasses:- As you reach higher altitude sun rays start to get strong so to avoid select good quality UV ray protection sunglasses.
  • Woolen or warm hat:- Will protect you from wind as well as cold.
  • Thermal pant and sleeves:- Maintain your inner body temperature. 
  • Hiking pole:- Help you to support during your trek.
  • Chocolate and snacks:- Support you to deal with altitude sickness.
  • Power bank:- Just to supply power for your cell phone whenever and wherever required.
  • Camera:- Capturing the beautiful serene of Mt Everest and Everest Base camp.

Each and every essential gear are easily available in Thamel area of Kathmandu with trekking gear shop. Purchase you essential gear when you spend your days in Pokhara and Kathmandu.

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