Questions in the Kelvin Jazaura Sexual Assault Accusaton that begs for Answers

Questions in the Kelvin Jazaura Sexual Assault Accusaton that begs for Answers

In a recent development that has become the latest in the series of attempted or outright rape accusations which has become more rampant on social media, a Nigerian lady who called herself LP The Whiskey Lady, on 14th of October 2018, called out a trusted friend of hers who goes by the name, Kevin Jazuara on social media for attempting to sexually assault her.

Without beating about the bush, we cannot help but wonder at some of the actions the poster claimed she took to rescue herself from what would have been a crime scene.

The accuser mentioned that she was "highly intoxicated" and "as drunk as a sailor" when the assault happened. This brings the question of how she clearly remembers everything that allegedly conspired between herself and Kevin. Understanding how weak she claimed to be, how did she also muster the strength to try to put her finger in his butt h*** when all his weight was on her. This would have been more credible if she had stated that she tried to poke his eyes as that's more easily accessible for a lady who claimed to be that drunk.

Usually, rapists get aggressive once they are not having their way and might even resort to beating up their victims, but we will assume that Kevin was not that kind of person, especially as one of the commenters on Instablog stated that she was "really surprised with this story. In fact, I'm 'shooketh'...Kevin is my friend. He's a decent person, loves his space and privacy. I've been at his for long hours and never did he force me into any sexual activity. Reading this now is literally making my head spin."

But we can't help but wonder how this lady escaped from the scene despite her level of drunkenness. How was she able to run away, get the keys to his car and drive herself home? How did he get his phone and car back since she threatened him endlessly in this post against the next time they see? Why are there no screenshots of the WhatsApp and Instagram messages of the accused begging her and requesting to see her? 

All these and more are the questions that beg for answers.

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