Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria/ Feasibility Report

Is printing press business profitable?

Printing Business is still a very profitable business although some aspects have changed as many products are obtained electronically rather than by printed media. Same way some other aspects have developed which wasn't there before. However, the market for printing press sales, development, service, etc makes the printing business very profitable.

Printing press business in Nigeria as it where is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria. Yeah. And i mean it when I say its a very profitable business in Nigeria. So if you ever think of going into this business, you are good to go. Don't worry about anything at all. All you need know is the basic necessities which I will be sharing with you as you read on. Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria

When we talk about printing business in Nigeria, what do you we mean? Let us dig deeper.

Printing Press Business has to do with printing materials such as calendars, handbills, posters, jotters, writing pads, exercise books, textbooks, files, business cards, invoice etc. With the amount of capital you used in starting the business will determine the various categories in line of the business.

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Satisfying the needs of your customers is the basics of making your customers stay and making your business grow. In Printing business in Nigeria, what you are to do is to deliver quality printing services. If your customers are satisfied then it will determine the extent to which your press would be successful. So get down to doing this business the best way you can and learn all you can and trust me, you will be glad you did.

How much does it cost to start a printing business?

Let's discuss the capital that you can use in starting up a printing business in Nigeria. To start a printing business in Nigeria, it ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. This is for a big Printing business. If you are going for a big Printing business plan then you have to spend big. The type of equipment you are buying will depend on the money you have. But for a smaller printing business, you will be spending a very little amount of capital compared to what I initially stated. The cost also covers the cost of renting a store.

Recently i made a post on Medical laboratory business in Nigeria and in a way, this is similar. Are you surprised? Not in terms of service rendered but capital to start up. When you are starting up both, they require you having enough capital to buy equipments. In Printing business, you have to ensure you deliver quality printing services because the rate at which your customers are satisfied will determine the exact rate at which your press business will be successful.

To start a printing business, you don't have to worry to much about anything. Sometimes many people do think that printing business in Nigeria is a difficult one to do but that's not entirely true because, all you actually need to know is what I am gonna discuss here. What you need is just some few basics. As we have seen recently, there more printing business owners who are utilizing digital printing equipment , which means a fewer skilled technicians will be needed for the job.

Printing business all over has two groups of categories. They are: Graphic Art and the Printing Press categories. They both perform two different jobs. For example, the Graphic Art are responsible for designs, while the printing press are charged with other businesses involved in printing businesses. These two actually work hand in hand together. They both work side by side. Infact having a professional and skillful graphic designer in your printing business will stand you and your business out. Surely it will.  Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria

The Graphic Artist: In printing business, there is a sector that deals with the designing of art work and of the printing work is called graphic design. We have various methods or strategies that very much involved in this category. During seminars, we usually advise our clients to employ staffs that skilled in art work. Because this will be the best way to attract and retain your customers. Remember that when we talk about creative, graphic art is all about it.

When a client brings a job for you, he will tell you the kind of design he wants from you and to do this, you have to employ the services of a professional graphic designer. He will do a very good color separation, he also does a some additional designs the client may not be able to know, then saves the work in whatever medium he thinks best which he knows can be easily accessed by the people handling the separating system.

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There is a process called platemaking which has to do with a photo film been transferred onto a plate that is usually used to run an impression. This will greatly be affected based on how the graphic designer must have designed it. If for example, if four colors were made by a graphic artist, four plates will be made. When the graphic designer is done with his job, then the printing press operator comes in

How do you start a printing press business?

Know what type of printing business you want to specialize in and plan according to it. And this is where you have purchase our printing business plan.

1. Type of Printing System. If you are going into this business, the most important investment you have to make for your printing business is to have a printer.

2. Computer and Design Software.

3. Inventory and Printing Stock. ...

4. Cutting Equipment for Paper or Vinyl. ...

5. Accounting Software Program.

When we talk about Operating a printing business, it actually requires a few specialized pieces of equipment. And me be plain to you. This business can be operated as a home-based, storefront or online business. You necessarily need to open a very big big store in the very heart of mainland Lagos.

There are various types of printing businesses and they include: vinyl sign printing, screen-printing t-shirts, printing of business cards, brochures and documents, election ballots etc.

Always remember that Printing business in Nigeria is a highly lucrative business but it sures requires some level of professionalism otherwise known as expertise and great managerial skills to operate. You don't just need the skills alone but also managerial skills to be able to handle and run it the business.

Printing Press Operator: The printing press operator as it where will have to finish his job by running the plates through the necessary machines in the printing.

Setting up a Printing Business

There are some challenges that comes to mind when starting a printing business in Nigeria and beyond is capital. It's a bit capital intensive to start. Though it's quit expensive to start, there are various categories you can venture into with a relatively small start up funds.

There are large and small scale printing press business. If you are gonna go for a big firm, which has lots of equipment and printing machines, then you are going to prepare big with huge capital. But for a small scale business, you won't be able to purchase some of these large equipment.


In one of my articles, I exhaustively dealt with the issue of advertisement in relation to business. What makes or keeps a business Alive? Customers and how do you get them? Through advertisement. I have seen many people complain a lot about the dwindling of these business but nothing can be farther from the truth, you ought to advertise your business and that's the one surest way to get people to know what you do.

There are people who may never know of your business except you they are told and how will they be told? Except you take it to them via the means called advertisement. In this kind of business unlike the Plantain farming business plan in Nigeria, you have get involved in what we call a self advertisement. For example, you ought to the public, you have to go around different banks, companies, schools, firms, to source for printing business, and there are different ways you can go about that. But that of plantain has it's distinct advertisement procedure.

You can involve the services of handbills, words of mouth etc. Which means you will be moving from offices to offices. By this you are going to tell them and make them understand that you can handle their printing job. When going ensure you take along with you some samples of your previous because some of these clients or potential clients might demand samples of your previous work.

Ensure you make use of Social media networks. These are places where you can place your advertise on. Please take advantage of them, advertise and attach samples of your work. We have a very well documented article on to advertise your goods and services. You can read up our detailed article on how to advertise your business on youtube and facebook

Job Execution:

You must at all point avoid mistakes while the job is going on because you don't want to tell a customer that you are sorry for a bad job you did. You may have lost that customer for good. This means that you ought to employ professionals that are well skilled graphic artist and the printing press operator. They are to work hand-in-hand to make sure that there is no mistakes at all. This work is about making good impression at all times.

Which means that at all times, you must always ensure you try to keep your customers coming back by Printing good works by using a very good and qualitative printing paper. Our business experts have warned advised that this is a very important factor of this business because it attracts customers to you

Let's discuss a bit of what you are expected to get if you are one of those who would be going into the printing press business on a very large scale. It is very, capital intensive. Below are what you should be expecting.

Acquisition of a business office: In Business, you may never have the second chance to make a first impression. You must have an office which could be easily accessible to your clients. So you have to make sure you locate an office that is easy to access.

Location: If you want to crash your business, then place your business in a very bad location. Where your business is is a very important matter. Don't joke with your location at all. Location can never be over emphasized. You have to look for a location where your customers can be easily accessed. The place should be a busy place. The location of your business will determine how the business will grow.


Having a business plan in Nigeria is unique and sweet but it will be more advantageous on your side if you decide to register a company name before you start operation. It actually will cost you nothing to that. Just a little about 40 thousand naira will do it. With this legal document, you can avoid been harassed by anyone. You can also be able to obtain loan from the bank to enlarge your business. You can read up our well detailed article on Business name registration in Nigeria; Just click here to get access to it.

Now I want to advise that this write won't be enough to get you the business that you want to go into. For example, I have not included the financial analysis, financial projections, market analysis etc. So I will advise that you purchase our Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria which has details that includes financial analysis, financial projections, market analysis, executive summary etc.

Having printing press business plan will equip you with all the details that you will need to start your Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria. With a Printing Press Business Plan, you stand an edge in the market place over your competitors.

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Let's have a summary of how you can start a printing business in Nigeria.

You can Start a print shop by following these 9 steps:


STEP 1: Plan your Business. ...


STEP 2: Form a legal entity. ...


STEP 3: Register for taxes. ...


STEP 4: Open a business bank account & credit card. ...


STEP 5: Set up business accounting. ...


STEP 6: Obtain necessary permits and licenses. ...


STEP 7: Get Business Insurance. ...


STEP 8: Define your brand.


Executive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections.

Our sample Printing Press Business Plan in Nigeria can also be used to access bank loans, proposal writing and grant applications.

The business plan was recently compiled after a thorough feasibility study on Printing Press Business in Nigeria was done by our experts.


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After payment text your name, send a text of your e-mail address to 09066078526 and you’ll receive your PRINTING PRESS BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDIES REPORT.

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