Princewill Institutes N26 Million Fund, Nominates Woman Leader into Rivers State Government

Princewill Institutes N26 Million Fund, Nominates Woman Leader into Rivers State Government                                                           

International Women’s Day has been observed for more than a century now as a day to honour the achievements of women globally. First celebrated in 1911 in four European countries, it took a worldwide stage when in 1975 the United Nations made 8th March the official date to commemorate the day. According to the theme for this year’s world women day “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures”, the month of March will be used to organise events to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. The United Nations declared their 2012 theme as“Empower Rural Women – End Hunger and Poverty”.


To commemorate the event in Rivers State, the Prince instituted a 26 Million Naira Microfinance Fund for Rivers State Rural Women. He stated that part of that fund would be subject to a partnership arrangement with the Rivers state micro Finance Agency to provide micro finance of one million naira per LGA in the state. According to him, all beneficiaries he would be subject to the criteria laid down by the agency as they would have the final say on who was eligible.


He commended the women for all their efforts since 2006 when they started working together and assured them that Rivers state Microfinance Agency under the present management would be perfect partners for progress. He went on further to present a cheque of Two Million, Eight Hundred Thousand Naira to the women caucus for the procurement of equipment for the commencement of a PPA Women Skills Acquisition programme to be cited at the PPA secretariat along Port Harcourt Aba express way.


In an online Press release made available to journalists by Media Consultant to Princewill’s Political Associates, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, has it that the  Prince of Niger Delta politics rounded up his remarks with the announcement of Mrs. Edith Wele-Amadi as one of his nominees to the Rivers State Government to serve as a special adviser while highlighting her grassroots spirit and dedication to team effort as factors that led him to the decision and encouraged her to continue in that vein whilst always remembering that you are blessed to bless others.


Responding, Mrs. Edith Wele thanked and assured the PPA Leadership that she will surely represent the essence and vision of PPA when duly appointed as an officer of the Rivers State Government


Dr Mrs Edith Wele-Amadi the nominee of PPA into the Government of Rivers State Government is not a novice in the art of mobilisation and grassroots appeal to both men and women in Rivers State. She was the Women Leader of the Action Congress from 2006 to 2009 when she followed her leader back to PDP. Since then she has been the influential leader of the women’s wing of Princewill Political Associates (PPA). A politician of great standing, an astute administrator and a woman of substance whose height alone intimidates both men and women alike, “Dr Mrs” as she is popularly called is set to bring an added grassroots dimension to Rivers state governance. According to those who know her, she drinks loyalty, sleeps loyalty and acts loyalty.


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