President Buhari Bans Importation Of Vehicles Through Land Borders

The core reasons Nigerians voted for President Muhammadu Buhari was to make a the country whom many have seen as the giant of Africa in size not in ideologies to become the focal point of development in Africa. But what the Nation has been experiencing has been quite the opposite. Though among his promises during his campaign, the Duara Born native, who was once a military dictator, told the country that he was going to make the fight against corruption one of his core aims. Little did we know that Nigerians were to embrace themselves for a higher calling.buhari
Now the embargo placed on the importation of used cars otherwise known as tokunbo, should not come as a surprise to many. For those who were alive during his military dictatorship, knew what he meant when he introduced the austerity measures. Buhari is a no nonsense president. For one thing is sure. If Nigerians can survive this two remaining years, then they can survive any other challenges. The embargo placed on the importation of cars via land into Nigeria, places in us the remembrance of how the importation of rice was also stopped. And that have single handedly increase the sales of rice to about 24.000 naira instead of the conventional 8 thousand naira.

The reason given for the embargo on rice was clearly stated that the country needed to start utilizing Nigeria made goods. Well, that’s a good move Mr. president. What he may have forgotten to understand is that Nigeria is a very large country. And the states or company into rice production are but few. For example, Ebonyi State and Cross river states are the top  two rice producing states in the country. I have been there and I no what I am talking about. These states cannot produce what their respective states can consume let alone feed the entire nation. We still have the issues of quality. The method of production is relatively low to compare the kind of quality expected from them.

What the ordinary citizen of Nigeria would have loved to hear, is that Federal , state and local government are helping in the production of rice, in such a way that they will grant a no profit loan scheme. Help develop the local rice production companies?. Whatever the case may be, the importation of these commodities like cars and rice will not serve Nigeria better. If rice was bound, and now we 24 thousand naira and above to get a bag, how will a tokunbo car cost now that they have placed an embargo on it? Hmm, I do believe that the federal government knows what they are up to.

We were able to gather that the federal government Monday made the pronouncement that it has stopped the importation of vehicles into Nigeria through the land borders. This means that all roads from cotonou where these vehicles are actually bought will be at a standstill till further notice.

The Public Relations Officer of Customs, Wale Adeniyi, who read the directives from the presidency stated that “The prohibition order covers all new and used vehicles. Adeniyi said, “The ban is sequel to a Presidential Directive restricting all vehicle imports to Nigeria Sea Ports only. “The order takes effect from 1st January 2017. Explaining further, he said, “The restriction on importation of vehicles follows that of Rice, whose imports have been banned through the land borders since April 2016. “Importers of vehicles through the land borders are requested to utilise the grace up till 31st December 2016 to clear their vehicle imports landed in neighbouring ports.”
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