PHOTOS: Algeria beat Senegal 1-0 to clinch AFCON 2019

Arogbonlo Israel

Algeria beat the Senegalese team 1-0 to be declared the champions of 2019 Africa Cup of Nation.

Baghdad Bounedjah’s early goal propelled Algeria to a first Africa Cup of Nations title in 29 years after a thrilling 1-0 victory over Senegal in Friday’s final in Cairo.

The Algerian team refused to be broken by this year’s Africa Cup of Nations final by showing a classic football amidst all doubts.

No matter how much Senegal pressured them, they refused to let themselves be overwhelmed by their biggest game since 1990.

Towards the last minutes to the end of the games, Senegal’s players were frustrated and committing unnecessary fouls.

Algeria had been doing that all game, and with time running out and in desperate need of an equalizer, some of Senegal’s players began losing their cool, falling into Algeria’s carefully-laid trap.

After one of the fouls, the commentator for my feed sympathised with Senegal’s plight, but, reflecting, sad: “Maybe it’s destiny as well. Maybe it’s destined to be about Algeria in this competition. To go all the way, undefeated.”

What does destiny, in this case, look like for Algeria, who went on to claim the AFCON title for the first time since 1990?

Destiny is going through the entire tournament undefeated.

It’s Riyad Mahrez scoring a last-minute winner against Nigeria in the semifinal.

It is Kalidou Koulibaly being out of the final for Senegal because he picked up too many yellow cards.

It’s his replacement, Salif Sane, blocking a Baghdad Bounedjah shot in the second minute in such a way that it shot up in the air, and looped over the goalkeeper — who stood immobilized by some mystical power which you might as well call ‘fate’ — as the ball went over him and into the goal.

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