Petrol Filling Station Business Plan In Nigeria (march 2020) PD

When I was a little boy, my dad owned a Peugeot 405 wagon. One day we where at a filling station privately owned by a famous chief int the town. He got talking with his driver and they talked how the owner of that filling station must have made millions of dollars from the filling station business. Well I was quite young so I knew nothing about what they said because I couldn't fathom how on Earth one could become so rich by having a filling station but as time went on i started to understand how it works and I have done some pretty research with my team to understand what you need to do to be ahead in this business.
As at 2003, a tanker load of Fuel contains up to 33 thousand litres. And as at then, the maximum gain from that one truck load of fuel was 3 million naira.

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If you are interested in going into this business, then you are in for a mega bucks. You will experience wealth like you have never experienced before. But before you go into this business you must have a well detailed knowledge of what Petrol Filling Station Business Plan in Nigeria is all about. When we talk about Petrol Filling Station Business in Nigeria, we mean filling station that sells fuel to users. They usually own a service station which is sometimes is located on the road side where refined petroleum products such as PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) Petrol, AGO (Automatic Gas Oil) Diesel, LPG(Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Gas, and DPK (Dual Purpose Kerosene) Kerosene are sold to customers by pump.

Having a Petrol Filling Station Business in Nigeria, is one of the most lucrative business anyone can venture into. One of the reasons why this business is so lucrative is because of it's high demand for petroleum products across the nation. In terms of consuming petroleum products, Nigeria is too most consumers of petroleum products. Don't just think we only use petroleum products for fueling our automobile. We still use them to fuel our generators, big Lister machines etc. We have a very poor record of power supply in our country and that has increased the need and demand for petroleum products. Another contributing factor is the fact that Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and has the largest economy the whole of Africa and this means that there is money to throw around.

So we have established the fact that some of the reasons why this business is so lucrative is because of many factors which includes inadequate power supply in Nigeria. Remember that Companies, homes, hospitals, vehicles, small scale businesses need this petroleum products to be able to function in their day to day activities if not? Depending on power supply is gonna be detrimental to their business.
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