People of Faith Choose Uplifting Conference Over 2018 World Cup

People from all over the world gathered at the SSE Arena in Wembley, London, for a two-day spirit-filled conference. The Believers Love World President, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, hosted the meeting from Saturday, July 14th-Sunday, July 15th. The meeting was for all the partners and leaders of Christ Embassy. The session began at 3 pm each day and went on till late in the evening. Guests traveled from as far as Africa to attend this unique conference. The massive crowd in attendance soothed the angst of the organization as they were fearful of the timing of the event. The conference overlapped with the much-anticipated World Cup 2018. The vast turnout proved that faith was more important than sports to many believers, which was a welcomed sight.


Spiritual Declarations Changed Lives

 A powerful declaration was made by the pastor stating that 2018 is the “Year of the Supernatural.” People were on the edge of their seat wanting more and hanging onto every word spoken. Many came needing a miracle or to be rejuvenated in their spirit. For all those in the area, this was the first conference hosted by Christ Embassy in the UK, but it certainly won’t be the last. The inspiring words resonated with both the partners and leaders together. They were not only excited but also overwhelmed by the message of hope and faith they received. The dynamic ministry reached out to fellow believers to encourage and uplift in today’s challenging times. The man of God knew what was needed for this concerning hour, and he delivered more than what he could have ever imagined.


The Spirit of God Showed Up

 Before the event even began, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome could feel something moving and churning in his spirit. He knew that this divine appointment was for such an hour as this. His desire was to lead the fellow partners of Christ Embassy into a deeper realm and a better spiritual place. He used his Holy Ghost unction to encourage more people to come and be inspired. Finding strength and spiritual refreshing would give struggling leaders the ability to keep going. By the power of the Holy Ghost, the conference went to a whole new level. He had no idea the way lives were touched those two days.


The place was electrified with the spirit and many were renewed and refreshed. Taking everyone to a new platform in their faith was the purpose of this meeting. London is an area that has great believers, but there are many who have yet to meet Christ. Spreading the Word of God is important and vital for this hour, but many leaders become burdened with the cares of the World. Sessions like this are vital to stay spiritually strong. Thankfully, those of like faith will have more opportunities to worship in conferences such as this one.


The First of Many Meetings

 Though the event was closed-doored, marketing and advertising were enough to fill the auditorium to near capacity. Attendees witnessed many miracles as well as prophetic words given by leaders. The Spirit of God took over the sessions and taught more than anyone ever would have imagined. The great distances that many traveled were well worth it for the times of refreshing that swooped through the place. For more information about this event and others conducted by the BLW Ministry, visit

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