Pathfinder looks great with Path of Exile ZiggyD's video

Frost Bomb
Frost Bomb, in addition to reducing life regeneration rate, also reduces energy shield regeneration and recovery rate.

This is to let players have ways to mitigate very defensive energy shield characters, which may also come in handy against certain Grandmasters.

As a new player to the game, I'm impressed by the development team's attention to detail and the community. That has made me want to Cheap POE Orbs play, and possibly spend money on this game.

Saboteur might be no more since his serviveability was based on siphoning trap and speed/avoidance of getting hit before traps activated.

It was fun while it lasted. Pathfinder looks great with ZiggyD's video. It will now take longer to clear with KB and Sunder I think. Poor Thi3n (he loved KB clearing)

Not bad. I like a lot of these changes. it's so great to see Spellblock's actually a thing. One of the things that had me run to Acro was there was no way to block spells without a huge cost.

There's no need to go that high in the passive tree anymore unless you're going 2 handed.

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