Path of Exile: The Joy of Racing

This month, as Grinding Gear Games prepare to push out a their highly-anticipated 3.0 patch, Path of Exile is hosting some events, many of which are races of assorted kinds. I’ve discussed racing before, and you ought to definitely give that article a read if you’re considering getting a summary of what these Path of Exile speedruns are only for. I As a decently new player, only having 1000 hours in game, I had never raced before. I’ve stuck to softcore it really is my playing, and I die all the time. But like a new player, I’ve got some text for all the other new players who may very well be too intimidated to offer racing a trial: get it done. Seriously. It may be frustrating at points. But I improved more in several hours of racing than I have in countless hours of normal gameplay. Want to get a much more detailed explanation of the these races actually appear like? You’re from the right place.

The Headhunter Race in Path of Exile can be a race where each time you kill an uncommon enemy, you get its modifiers for 20 seconds. There are rare mobs everywhere, replacing a lot of the normal ones. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Well, it’s definitely fun, but it’s also fairly a hardship on newer players, myself included. There’s one major reason because of this: volatiles.

Volatile mobs explode on death. They explode for a lot. One of my characters was dropped from full to 10% at level three using a volatile. Unskilled melee players can have a terrible time time seeking to deal with the volatiles.

I gained a remarkably valuable skill while wanting to complete the Headhunter Race: how you can quickly identify mobs. In the normal game, this case isn’t particularly relevant almost all of the time. You don’t run across a lot of rare mobs while leveling, by end game, most builds enables you to take a volatile hit and survive. But not on this

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