Path of Exile: The Awakening gets up out of bed July 10, includes 2 new challenge leagues

The surprisingly-good Path of Exile will launch its newest expansion, The Awakening, on July 10th. And good latest info from Grinding Gear Games, there’s much more going on in The Awakening than we knew you may anticipate.

The last time we checked in on Path of Exile, designer Chris Wilson a lot to inform us regarding how The Awakening would definitely really emphasize the game’s unique itemization and skill mechanics. Since Path of Exile is one of the most incredibly customizable and modular action RPGs around, that has been already plenty exciting.

Since then, they’ve done the level of bug-squashing you would possibly expect, and Grinding Gear seem to have finally tamed the POE Currency de-sync points that have dogged Path of Exile forever. But what we should didn’t know until recently is that The Awakening is additionally bringing a huge amount of fresh material to challenge leagues such as two new leagues: Warbands and Tempest. We spoke with Chris Wilson to understand what's up.

“Both of the challenge Leagues are built to make players worry about the world they’re playing in,” explains Wilson. “We want those people who are looking at the overall map of the planet areas to need to make decisions using the rewards or challenges that happen to be moving around a result of the Challenge Leagues.”

The standard is Warbands. The Warbands League has various AI warbands — each having its own theme and strengths — seeded around Wraeclast which will work together to kill players. So rather than the usual random gang of mobs you have to grind into powder, you’ll instead face what add up to small combat units that are made to work together.

“Over time, their regions of influence changes. So you’ll get yourself a situation in which the leader is at a certain location, and players may wish to go there to combat him, as they drops good items,” Wilson says. “But in so doing, they reduce his influence there, and also the warband goes some other place, allowing another warband to consider control of that area.”

So the warbands should make the entire world feel more dynamic, nonetheless most exciting aspect will be the way they Cheap POE Orbs choose new AI abilities and behaviors. Support characters will consentrate on helping the front-line monsters, who definitely are focused on killing the gamer. But in areas the place that the warband’s influence is extremely strong, leader and elite units can have up to provide additional bonuses.

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