Path of Exile speak to the community

Personally I think it really should be lowered to suit the single costliest possible delve.(10K possibly even?)
60K sulphite will burn out people 10 x as hard.
Empyrian will not be your target market here.

About Aul , nice , but I havnt even seen the mediocre ones ...
And the process ... well ok, you have got ONE challenge that is harder then end game grind or delve boss 3 but I dunno ... must you accomodate any particular one guy with POE Trade 3 lvl 100's ?

Stop reacting to reddit , consult the community , explain how you behave and motivations , it can go a long way. We don't fully realize what they are anymore.

Solve AIMLESS delving --> treasure maps to locate delve bosses, fossils , ...? (sold by Niko, would solve his empty shop and azurite surplus of folks )

Add waypoints , that may even be like global towns at 100,200,300,.. for stronger a sense of mmo-like gameplay?
Add searchbar to seek out discovered nodes, depths , ... -> map navigation.
people say we'd like more sulphite from maps , I think thats fine though the cost after 250 is prolly too big?

All in most I like Delve. It both is usually a support for maps as it is often a continuation.
Please do not let it end like beastiery.

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