Path of Exile's Edwin McRae goes weird west with The Falconers

A visual novel that has a unique local setting can be acquired now on Steam due to Path of Exile writer Edwin McRae. The Falconers: Moonlight is really a supernatural thriller emerge 19th century New Zealand. As its name suggests, it's part of The Falconers IP, a sequence that mixes historical fact with supernatural thriller and fantasy fiction.

The Falconers are a global organisation of monster hunters focused on protecting European colonists from Cullers, entities that Buy POE Currency may thwart the spread of 'civilisation' in to the wild frontiers. As such, Falconers stories are based in the 1800s colonies with the European empires: Britain, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany, Russia, and lastly, New Zealand. In The Falconers: Moonlight, heroine Cassandra Winter embarks to be with her first quest: an investigation right into a recent string of deaths and disappearances in the mining capital of scotland - Moonlight, as rumours of monsters that stalk their human prey inside the mist-clad forest swirl.

McRae hatched the thought for Moonlight while housesitting in St Bathans, an arid and desolate spot inside middle of nowhere in Central Otago. "It occurred to me during the time, 'why doesn't New Zealand acquire more westerns? Why don't we do westerns?'" he admits that. That prompted him to develop a "weird west" monster hunter, but he needed a compact west coast of New Zealand mining town to behave as a backdrop for that intrigue and bloodletting. He chose Moonlight, a relatively empty mining town about the west coast founded by Scotsman Captain George Moonlight.

"It's an authentic place, nothing is much there," McRae says. As such, he borrowed elements of neighbouring towns Blackball and Brunner to build an amalgamated, fictional Moonlight. The historical figures from the Cheap POE Items game can also be a blend of fact – gleaned from museums, local spots, and research – and fiction. A favourite character for McRae is Irish lady Biddy "Little Biddy" Goodwin, one on the few female miners from the time, who McRae says "drank away everything she earned out on the ground".

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