Path of Exile dev grateful for competitors Torchlight 2, Diablo 3

Path of Exile producer and designer Chris Wilson claims rival action RPGs actually be employed in favour from the New Zealand indie effort.

Speaking with, Wilson said the Buy POE Currency discharge of competing titles is often positive, while big games in other genres can be a hassle.

“When Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 launched we received press coverage because i was similar. If they did like Diablo 3 they’d discuss us in a very negative way, if they didn’t like Diablo 3 they’d discuss us inside a positive way. But in any case we’re getting discussed, we’re getting users and numbers, that is great,” he was quoted saying.

“There was obviously a big exodus in people who got done with Diablo 3 and came up to us, that's awesome. So I’m very glad that Diablo 3 did end up and that it sold numerous units because that actually helped.

“But when such as Guild Wars 2 was released, people didn’t discuss Path of Exile as well as it because, well, it’s definitely not the same almost game. But they sure played Guild Wars 2, reducing our player numbers with a little bit.

“It’s better that competitors turn out, because then there’s some discussion around it as opposed to a somewhat-different game men and women will go and play, because they’ve been looking forward to years to try out it.”

Wilson stated that Diablo 3 for Buy POE Orbs example had been perfect for Path of Exile, because its Auction House-oriented design provides each latter a “point of difference”.

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