Path of Exile: Ascendancy Is Out Today

One of Steam’s best free-to-play games gets another huge expansion today, March 4th. Path of Exile can best be called free-to-play Diablo; players wander through randomly generated dungeons, kill monsters, collect loot, kill bigger monsters, etc. It is extremely fun and addictive, and games that carries a lot less content have charged much more money and seen way less developer support. Path of Exile: Ascendancy can be obtained for download today, and it'll bring the Buy POE Currency requisite “new items, new classes, gameplay tweaks” of all large patches, together with an entirely new twist on the standard Path of Exile formula.

The big draw with the new Path of Exile expansion is Izaro’s Trials of Ascendancy. Izaro is usually a character seeking a successor, therefore you must persuade him that you will be worthy by defeating puzzle rooms stuffed with traps. Once these puzzle rooms have already been cleared, the entrance to Izaro’s Labyrinth will open. This lengthy run will feature the traps from Izaro’s trials and also three battles with Izaro himself. According to developer Grinding Gear Games, Izaro’s style changes depending on how you struggled with him in past battles. Upon reaching the end in the labyrinth, players are going to be rewarded with one of nineteen new Ascendancy classes.

Path of Exile: Ascendancy will likely open Perandus Challenge Leagues. These leagues provides unique effects, items, and bragging rights to players that are in a competitive type of mood. Many with the new belongings in the Cheap POE Orbs expansion are created by the community. You can view the entire (extensive) patch notes here, therefore you can browse the trailer below. The patch will probably be available at 12:00 PST on March 4th.

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