Pastor Chris Visits Tomb Of Lazarus On Day Three Of Trip To Holy Land

Day three of the Holy Land tour that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been partaking in has been an eventful time, mainly because of the numerous places that he has visited. The third day of this tour was spent visiting the tomb of Lazarus and also the site where the ‘Good Samaritan’ parable had taken place. All of these places are known for having an incredibly special significance in the Christian faith and in the Bible, which is why Pastor Chris made it a point to visit those places.


Christians all over the world dream of going on a tour of the Holy Land so that they can experience the Bible and the teachings of Jesus from a different perspective. The tomb of Lazarus, in particular, is a unique site because it was the place where Jesus performed one of his more miracles. It was here that the body of Lazarus lay, and after four days, Jesus decided to visit the tomb along with the sisters of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. It was here that Jesus ordered the stone that was blocking the grave to be removed. People around advised Jesus that removing the stone would only let out a stench of a decomposing body, but Jesus knew that this was something that The Father had destined for him. Upon removing the stone, Lazarus woke up, dressed in white cloth and the bandages that were used in the burial customs. People around were shocked and in awe of the miracle that Jesus had performed and went on to spread the word of a man being woken up from the dead by The Lord and Savior.


The second site that Pastor Chris attended was the place where the parable of the Good Samaritan had taken place. This was a story in which a man who was badly injured was lying on the side of the street. He needed help, but no one cared to offer him any until one man came along and saved his life. This man went on to be known as the Good Samaritan and is a parable that has become an essential part of the teachings that are imparted to fellow Christians. Helping those who are less fortunate is something that Pastor Chris has always emphasized on, and is one of the core principals that he tells all those attending his preachings to live by.


Visiting these Holy Places wasn’t just for Pastor Chris’ viewing, but to help Christians all over the world understand the significance of these places. Pastor Chris wants to use this experience as a way give Christians a glimpse into the teachings of the Bible, and the real places that were impacted as a result of it. He also aims to use this experience as a way to help Christians all over the world understand the finer aspects of the teachings that are put forth in the Bible, and so that they can understand the intricacies of what Jesus was trying to teach them.


The article about Pastor Chris’ visit to the Holy Land can be seen on his main website. He has released a day by day breakdown of every place that he visited and the sights that they had a chance to witness, along with the scriptures in which these places were mentioned.

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