PARAJUMPERS Jakke you gave me
PARAJUMPERS Jakke Bamboo fence, blue sky, you gave me a HERRE Parajumpers Jakker flashy season, Sansheng Sancai, I have to be like a boning bone scraping away everything in mind, a few words, then there will be a hundred revolutions soul-stirring, do not Never mind. Fanghua stack, let the years with the heart, do not have Rouchang turn, do not wander, only quietly enjoy the subtle fragrance float, Ren Shaohua died. Gorgeous encounter, the end of silence, leaving only the shadow of loneliness, and this world of grudges. Pure hearted hand, dyed a sleeve of ink curl, slender light dance, melted a fishing song to sing late.

PARAJUMPERS Jakke Online Time after time rituals, I covered the Love, but do Parajumpers Jakker Norge not see the incense, the world said I am not religious enough, just as fate, the world said beauty. Gurgling string tone, chaotic disarrangement of my turmoil, everything is no longer clear, the past smoke, Pina fly away. Yesterday the yellow flower is already desolate, leaving only the sky Cang, like a ray of light wind, gently brush each other's face, the ending is lopsided. I dressed in costumes, read you gentle, quiet jade immeasurable, I look Qingyi, read you into a mound.

At the corner of Dame Parajumpers Jakker the sky, on the edge of the Mekong water, I wrote poetry to you for my nirvana in the pristine towns of high water, unforgettable memories. Memories such as twilight, lightness as a matter of fact, the ring rings mottled so fleeting, superficial time, the only wish you Dame Parajumpers Jakker to leave the world, tenderness in the eyes still fall on my incense shoulder. Lonely celestial dust, all without exception, hurried past casts a plume of sad, patchwork of reincarnation shadow, you are my heart red lotus, red rice in the road, only I know you stained the pain, only I read you Fanny Millennium Fan Yin.


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