PARAJUMPERS Jakke back of a tall mountain

PARAJUMPERS Jakke back of a tall mountain
PARAJUMPERS JakkeI finally went through the Hill Road, meandering down from the hills, the narrow road on the mountainside not much wider than the car chassis. Looking ahead, the window Parajumpers Jakker is deep gorge, I seem to be suspended in mid-air. This mountain, very quiet, the sun Dame Parajumpers Jakker is very mild; I can Dame Parajumpers Jakker not find others, there are no signs of cultivation.

This mountain, there is no long ago my friend, I do not know where my friends, vague sense of knowledge - perhaps far, perhaps very close. And this mountain, this lush green mountains, I always feel very Parajumpers Jakker Norge close, a detached sustenance, so I feel friends in this mountain.Full of weeds on the mountain road, scattered little stones, large and small, freely placed with. Surrounded by trees, tall and dwarf HERRE Parajumpers Jakker growth. Polygonum vine cover in the tree top, like a soft nets, nets covered with innocent small flowers.PARAJUMPERS Jakke Online

Looking back, just past the pass hanging high above the sky, like a slender wooden bowl. I suppose someone there at the mouth of the mountain, at least let me see a corner eaves. I did not see people nor eaves. It was during this hesitation that the pass was obscured, leaving only the back of a tall mountain.


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