Was Osama Bin Laden fighting the true course of Islam or his own interest ?......

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Comment by Bola Adepoju on May 3, 2011 at 1:10am

Osama-Bin laden is a delusional man, he is not fighting the course of Islam he is one of those functional derange twisted minded Saudis. What many Muslims and none Muslims should understand is that Islamic faith is not SAUDI’S culture nor belong to Saudi Arabian people. Many followers of  such delusional personality like Osama Bin-Laden do not read Quran or understand the true meaning of the WORDS in the Quran. Most of the followers of such self righteous personality were acting based on what is been preach to them by their leader, as many people should know these kind of people do exist in all religious setting around the globe. Uneducated minded followers may get carried away in their own imaginations and the preaching that has been given and be hypnotized by their own perceived charisma of such preacher and started behave irrational by twisting the meaning of the words. This can  happen in any religion for example, One David Coress of  Weko  and one Reverend Jones of Texas in United State few years back took their own life and life of more than thousands of their religious followers with poison in order to fulfill the prophesy of their leader for better life out side of this world but in the case of Osama the instrument is in the name of Islam

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