Opposition parties reject Abia NASS election results

By Anayo Okoli

Umuahia - SHORTLY, after the results of the National Assembly elections held Saturday in Abia state, the opposition political parties in the state have called on the Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC, to cancel the entire election alleging that the military, police and other security agencies were used to intimidate their members and supporters by the PDP government in the state.

Speaking with journalists in Aba, the opposition parties which were represented by their governorship candidates of ACN, Prince Paul Ikonne; PPA, Comrade Chris Akomas; CPN, Onyeaghala Obioma and ANPP’s Bob Ogu, jointly called for the cancellation of the election in the state, saying that it was not free and fair, let alone being credible.

For instance, they claimed that there was no election throughout the entire Aba zone, because there were no result sheets to record the election results.

“The whole thing was a sham, no materials and where they were,someone took them away into their houses to thumb print”, Ogu of ANPP said.

Ogu alleged what was eventually brought were photo copies, and alleged that in the place where his party has strong hold elections were not held in those areas. He alleged that the person declared as the winner for Aba Federal Constituency had his boys arrested by the police while trying the snatch ballot boxes and wondered why the result should not be cancelled.

Rev. Obioma of CPN described the election as a drama being played by members of the PDP in the state, alleging that in Umuahia North most of the voters in his ward registered up to 780, while the list the INEC brought was for only 360 voters.

“In some places some aides to the governor were seen openly distributing money to those who had lined up to cast their votes and this is against the electoral laws of our land”, Obioma alleged.

He also alleged some police men at some poling units were not genuine police men “but PDP men who were given police uniforms to terrorise people”, including some civil defence men. He claimed that the fake security men were seen directing old people where to vote.

Relating his own experience, Ikonne of the ACN, said it was not different from what his colleagues had and said that he had discovered that what the government in power had in mind to “which was why we called on the President, Goodluck Jonathan and Prof. Jega to pay a special attention on Abia state elections”.

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Comment by Perky Meteoric on April 10, 2011 at 10:35pm
Politicans should learn how to behave like matured men. we all knew that the seat for abia north is only one and is only one person that is expected to occupy it, if you are on the losing side accept it with good faith knowing that he who fight and run shall fight another day, so wait for your turn OGAMI YOUR HEAR.
Comment by ebismars on April 10, 2011 at 9:38pm
i want inec chairman to go back to the total number of people who are qualify to votes in ward by ward and check the result to ensure accuracy. Jega real try to give ngr good name but politian makes it do or die. Mr jega u score 4o/100 which means he got pass i which he can continue lyk dat
Comment by TOBBY on April 10, 2011 at 9:38pm
Do you people have prove or is just another bad side of our politicians who does not know how to accept defeat.
Comment by Akhigbe Godons on April 10, 2011 at 9:27pm
Well,...every body has his/her prob

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