One solid company you can invest your money in this new year with rest of mind

Please stay away from ponzi, ponzi is not a company and has no real business they are into, invest in these company and you will be glad you did. Very legit not ponzi! You earn even without referrals. Bitclubadvantage is into sport, stock exchange and crytocurrency exchange. They have been trading since 1999. The head office is in Brazil, with other offices in some African countries including Kenya from where it came to Nigeria in June 2017. They partner with FIFA, la liga and Brazil football association. Isn’t that incredible?

Our business with them is to invest and be earning cash out bonus daily and if u can refer people in the MLM aspect, where each person invites 2; u will earn big money and also qualify for awards*


  1. Partner you pay 12, 600($30)

You earn for 53 wks maximum

Daily N177 ($0.28)

Weekly N588 ($1.4)

Monthly N2, 577 ($6.135)

Annual N31, 164 ($72 N.77)


  1. Basic you pay N23, 100($55)

You earn for 53 wks maximum

Daily N235 ($0.46)

Weekly N1, 176 ($2.8)

Monthly N5, 174.40 ($12.32)

Total N62, 328 ($148.4)


  1. Bronze you pay N45, 780($109)

Contract duration is 52 wks maximum

Daily N567 ($1.35)

Weekly N2, 835 ($6.75)

Monthly N12, 474 ($29.7)

Total N147, 420 ($351)


  1. Silver you pay N110, 880($264)

Contract duration is 44 wks maximum

Daily N1, 423 ($3.39)

Weekly N7, 110 ($16.92)

Monthly N 31,290 ($74.5)

Total N312, 840 ($744.85)


  1. Gold is N215, 880($514)

Contract duration is 44wks maximum

Daily N2, 851 ($6.79)

Weekly N14, 250 ($33.92)

Monthly N62, 706 ($149.3)

Total N627, 000 ($1492.85)


  1. Client Premium you pay N432, 180($1029)

Contract duration is 39 wks maximum

Daily N5, 707 ($13.59)

Weekly N28, 530 ($67.92)

Monthly N125, 538 ($298.9)

Total N1, 112,670 ($2649.21)


  1. Client black you pay N852, 180($2029)

Contract duration is 39wks maximum

Daily N12, 972 ($30.79)

Weekly N64, 646 ($153.91)

Monthly N284, 449 ($677.25)

Total N 2,521,194 ($6002.84)


  1. Client master you pay N2, 120,580($5,049)

Contract duration is 39wks maximum

Daily N34, 860 ($83)

Weekly N174, 300 ($415)

Monthly N766, 920 ($1826)

Total (350% of investment amount)

  1. Client VIP you pay N4, 220,580($10,049)

Contract duration is 39wks maximum

Daily N71, 400 ($170)

Weekly N357, 000 ($850)

Monthly N1, 570,800 ($3,780)

Total (400% of investment)

You get paid daily without referring on any of the packages. Once you have earned complete 300% or 400% on your package, you renew your contract if you want to continue earning


Bitclub advantage is a company formed by a team of professional traders with expertise in one of the biggest financial markets of today, the crypto currency and sport trading. Our focus is to provide our affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets. Bitclub advantage is a reliable sustainable and highly profitable platform so, therefore bitclub advantage is out to create millionaires within a short term frame. The interesting thing about this investment opportunity is that you earn daily income even without referral from Monday to Friday depending on your investment package, whether you get someone to join you in the business or not you are making your pay, is awesome!!! Join us and start your journey to financial freedom. To get more information about this reputable organization check

Bitclub advantage is originally an investment company, multi level marketing (MLM) was just introduced march 2017 to make the company and investors make more money.

This company trades with 5 major crypto currencies




Ripples and 


They do all the trading and pay people that invest in them daily, weekly & monthly. Please go through that table above


5 Rewards For Networkers

  1. Direct referral bonus
  2. Indirect referral bonus (to 8th generations)
  3. Binary matching bonus (leg balance bonus)
  4. Residual monthly bonus
  5. carrier plan awards (through accumulated points)

Direct referrals bonus you will get when you refer your client in any of the packages regardless of the package you are into is 7.5% of each package referred.

  1. Partner    $1.88 = N588
  2. Basic.      $3.75 = N1575
  3. Bronze.   $7.50 = N3150
  4. Silver.     $14.88= N 6237
  5. Gold.        $37.35= N15687
  6. Prem.     $74.85= N31437
  7. Black.      $149.85= N62937

Indirect referral bonus another 7.5% distributed among 8th generation

1st level 50% direct

2nd level 5% indirect

3rd level. 5% indirect

4th level. 6% indirect

5th level. 7% indirect

6th level. 8% indirect

7th level. 9% indirect

8th level. 10% indirect

Here‘s a more practical explanation:

If A recruits B, B recruits C, C recruits D, D recruits E, E recruits F, F recruits G, G recruits H and H recruits I, that is 8th generations. A will collect bonuses on B down to I. I hope you got that cleared?…ok..good… let move to binary matching bonus.

Binary matching bonus

The most powerful bonus among all the bonuses, your wallet will be pregnant everyday if you receive this bonus, you can become a millionaire in one day via this bonus, please don’t joke with it.

What is binary bonus?

Binary bonus is what we call passive income, is d most powerful bonus out of the other bonuses, binary simply means two, which means you need to introduce minimum of two people before you can be entitled to receive binary matching bonus.

Each package has point attached to them

  1. Partner is 5 point
  2. Basic is 10 point
  3. Bronze is 20point
  4. Silver is 50 points
  5. Gold is 100 points
  6. Premium is 200 point
  7. Black is 400 points


1 point is $1 which means 200 points is $200. Let me site an example

Example: you register a client with black package which is 400point and another client with premium package by the right, bitclub advantage pays you 50% of the lesser legs which is 200point. 50% of 200 is 100point, so the company pay u 100$ on that leg

Residual monthly activation bonus

Residual monthly activation bonus is just like a monthly salary fee paid by every investor in this order:      Partner – $0.75

Basic – $1.5

Bronze – $2.97

Silver – $7.47

Gold – $14.97

Premium – $24.98

Black   – $49.98

This is deducted as monthly activation

50% of this amount is distributed among affiliates up to 6 generation every month for 12months

Carrier plan awards through accumulated points by your team

When you accumulate

  1. 10,000 points you will be given wristwatch
  2. 20,000 points –iphone with apple watch
  3. 40,000 points— motorcycle Yamaha
  4. 100,000 points— 4 days in Europe + real Madrid or Barcelona game entry + luxury car rental
  5. 250,000 points— luxury car + cruise travel
  6. 500,000 points— corolla or Honda car + Cancun travel
  7. 750,000 points— Mercedes Benz C + Hawaii travel
  8. 1,000,000 points— Porsche carrera


How To Register

  1. login to
  2. Scroll down and click on I want to participate
  3. Fill in your sponsor’s ID (use Randy as your sponsor ID) or simply use this link then complete your details.
  4. Click on submit.
  5. Refer to the email message you have received, and click on confirm.

How To Log In To Your Back Office

1. Login, click on login

2. Enter your username and password

3. Click on I am not a robot (recaptch)

4. Click on the corresponding images

5. Click on verify

6. click on login

How to Transfer Money to User

1 login to your back office

2 Navigate and scroll down

3 Click on my statement

4 Click on transfer to user

5 Enter the username of the fellow

6 Enter the amount without currency sign

7 Cluck on transfer to user

How to Confirm Your Email and Update Your Data

  1. Login to your email and click on the confirmation email from Bitclubadvantage mail
  2. Login to your account for update fill in your data and address.
  3. DO NOT TOUCH PIN unless you want to have a second password to enable you transfer or withdraw

How to Activate Your Account

  1. Login to your back office, scroll down and click Order
  2. Click on check out activation
  3. Select your desired package
  4. Scroll down and click on balance
  5. Click on done
  6. Copy the Order number from the top right corner of the screen
  7. Click on clickheretopaywithbalance
  8. Click on confirm

Team Members Placement

  1. Login to your back office, scroll down and click on my network
  2. Click on binary
  3. Select left or right, which ever you want

Minimum Balances for Withdrawal

  1. Partner client $10
  2. Basic Client. $10
  3. Bronze client. $15
  4. Silver Client. $40
  5. Gold client. $75
  6. Premium. $150
  7. Black. $300, your trusted and reliable allies in financial security.

Call or whatsapp me: 08182874251

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